Five arrested over Canal Street phone thefts

Police stand for no nosense after two thefts at city centre club

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Greater Manchester Police were on the ball last week when they arrested five people – after two mobiles were stolen from the same club, on the same night.

The phones were nicked near Canal Street

In the early hours of 5th May, A 28-year-old woman was carrying a tray of drinks in a gay village club, when a rather close couple got in her way.

Eventually, she got past the kissing and cuddling, but someone had nicked her phone from her handbag, she later found out.

She logged in to ‘Find my iPhone’ and found where her mobile was, before calling the police and allowing officers to take over the tracking.

The app led police to a vehicle, where they not only recovered the phone, but also arrested two men and two women for the theft.

Nice try – it’s got a tracker bitch

And on the same night, another phone was stolen in the same club on Bloom Street, with a 30-year-old man being arrested this time.

“Help us catch people who steal [phones] by making sure you have a tracking app“, said Sergeant Jon Middleton from Operation Network, set up by GMP to combat mobile crime.

It also helps us recover your phone if you register ownership on”.

All five who were arrested are on bail until 4 June.