Manchester: Scorchio!

The Tab reports on what may be the first and last day of Summer 2013

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Today, the rarely-seen phenomena of genuinely warm sun beams hit Manchester for the first time this year.

Peaking at a temperature of 21°C according to reports (considered to be ‘tropical’ by many Inuit communities), the rays of light emitting from the burning ball in the sky led to thousands of students taking to the streets.

The grass outside Alan Gilbert (officially known as ‘Gilbert Square’) was awash with student sun worshippers, laughing and absorbing vitamin D.

They expressed their joy through exposing their pale skin, drinking chilled alcoholic beverages, and eating multi-packs of crisps.

Actually revising in the sun? You’re not fooling us

A little more leg than your average day at JRUL, not that anyone’s complaining

A rare sight: security laugh and giggle whilst soaking up the rays

Sales of Sainsbury’s meal deals were up by approximately 150%* as students chose to dine al-fresco rather than al-desko.

Despite the approach of exam season, many have temporarily abandoned revision for the call of the great outdoors. Those who have resisted can be heard banging on the windows of the John Rylands Library as they beg for relief from their academic prison.

Beer all of sudden becomes everyone’s drink of choice

The Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) for Manchester predicts a variable wind between 5-10 knots, 10km of visibility, temperatures up to 21°C and no rain for the next 36 hours, so make the most of it.

After Tuesday,  the cruel mistress known as the Manchester microclimate will make us pay for this wonderful day with a week of rain, so I leave you with a summer song. You can listen to it as you eat ice cream indoors, watching the rain drip onto your brand new BBQ.

*Scientific approximate based on queue outside Sainsburys at 1pm.