Cat Byers

Release the boozehounds! Drunken facebook pics won’t stop you getting a job

Turns out being drunk doesn’t make you a bad employee after all.

What Ruby Baked: semi finals

It’s French week and Ruby bakes a brain to make it into the final…

What Ruby Baked: Quarter Finals

Go bake or go home. It’s quarter final time…

What Ruby Baked: Pastry Week

Go bake or go home

What Ruby Baked: Sweet Dough

Go bake or go home: we update you on everyone’s favourite student baker.

What Ruby Baked: Biscuits and Traybakes

Welcome to the fourth instalment of ‘What Ruby Baked’, in which we follow UCL’s very own Nigella in her pursuit to be crowned ‘Amateur Baker of the Year’.

What Ruby baked: Pie Week

We be bakin’: Everyone’s favourite student baker tackles Pie Week in the Great British Bake Off

What Ruby Baked: Dessert Week

Welcome to the second instalment of ‘What Ruby Baked’. We follow UCL’s very own Nigella in her pursuit to be crowned ‘Amateur Baker of the Year’…

What Ruby Baked: Bread Week

What did Tandoh do this week? Everyone’s favourite student baker takes on the dreaded bread…

Risqué business: students unwittingly move into ex-brothel

Students pestered by peeved punters in Brighton.

Blighted boozers: Hangovers hit hardest at 29

Get the drinks in while you can…

The Tab’s guide to Tinder etiquette

Finding love one swipe at a time.

The bottom line: Airline offended by visible bum cheeks

Fresher left ‘distraught’ after airline forces her to take off her revealing hot pants in front of other passengers

Instagram bores have a point

Photographing your food makes it taste better, scientists say.

What happens when a girl asks strangers for sex?

‘Hang on mum, I’ll call you back.’

Body found in lake at UEA

Stop complaining: 90% of grads employed or in further study

Obviously it sucks if you’re in the 10% that are unemployed, but good times for everyone else

Barely legal: Youngest ever barrister graduates

Gabrielle Turnquest, 18, graduated from the University of Law today, making everyone else feel old and useless

The most niche dating sites ever

Looking for love? Still single? Online dating has something for everyone.

The worst honorary graduates

Didn’t quite manage to get a degree? Don’t worry, get famous and they will give you one for free!

Eproctophilia: how erotic is your odour?

Academic publishes ground-(or should that be wind?)-breaking study into the fetish for flatulence

Unis spend £120m a year on recruitment agents for international students

Agencies get rich as unis rush to cash in on students from outside the EU.

The Tab meets: Max Cooper

‘So you’re from Belfast? My dog is from Belfast’. The Tab has a friendly chat with DJ and producer Max Cooper.

The Tab meets: Joker

The Tab talks museums and music with Joker.

Parklife 2013 in Pictures

Refresh your drug-addled memory with our exclusive photos from the big weekend.

Review: Parklife 2013

Parklife transforms Heaton Park into ‘the world’s biggest, messiest beer garden’.

The Tab Guide to Life after Graduation

The world is your oyster, young graduate.

The Tab Guide to Exams

A step-by-step visual guide to your emotional and spiritual journey through academic testing. You’re welcome.

The Tab Guide to Studying in the Library

Not quite got the knack of JRUL? Let us guide you.

Manchester: Scorchio!

The Tab reports on what may be the first and last day of Summer 2013

LIVE: University Challenge final

Follow our liveblog as Manchester take on UCL in the final of University Challenge.

Which is harder: writing a dissertation, or being pregnant?

The Tab gets worked up and acts childishly