All the current London universities that have announced their teaching plans for Term 2

Find out what your uni is doing this term about returning to campus in Tier 4


In light of the government’s new guidance, London universities have been forced to make changes to their teaching because of the new rapid strain of the coronavirus. Whilst many students were meant to return to campus as of this week, they will now be being delayed.

Some universities are hoping to send students back in January whilst others are stating that it is unlikely any students will be returning to campus until late February or even March.

Read below to find out what your university is doing in the coming weeks:

Update 4/1/21: SOAS

SOAS announced that their procedures would not be changing from those set out before the New Year.

Student’s return to campus will be staggered with time for testing with no face-to-face activity to commence until the 25th of January at the earliest. They have also confirmed they will be reviewing their current policy after the government announcement on the 18th of January.

Testing begins for SOAS students on the 5th of January and students have been asked to take two tests before coming on to campus.

Update 4/1/21: Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University is the first London University not to have opted to put everything online immediately. They have stated that because of their exam period that lasts until the 22nd of January they do not believe that it is necessary to delay students returning to campus.

So, provided students take lateral coronavirus tests they will be able to access all campus facilities as normal including catering areas because they have been designated ‘study spaces’.

Queen Mary University Staff are concerned by this decision taken by the university describing it as “disregarding all health warnings”.

For more information check here.

Update 3/1/21: City

City University has confirmed that they are making changes for student’s teaching in Term 2. They have requested that all students check their emails for confirmation of the new arrangements being made in their departments.

City has also stated on their student hub that they do not intend to offer any fee reductions this year because they endeavour to continue to operate.

They are also posting regular updates on their student hub.

Update 2/1/21: King’s

King’s have said that on-campus teaching will only be going ahead for the following subjects in January:

• Medicine

• Dentistry

• Subjects allied to dentistry and medicine

• Initial Teacher Training

All other courses will receive online teaching in January.

They are encouraging students to stay at home and not come onto campus unless they have face-to-face teaching in the New Year.

King’s are also offering financial support to students who need it during this time.

More information can be found below.


UCL is imploring students not to travel and to remain where they are until at least reading week. All teaching will move online until the 22nd of February and may not return to normal until the end of March.

The campus will remain open but will be operating on a reduced service and is only for those students who stayed in London during the holiday period or those on exempt courses. More info can be found here.


So far, Imperial has delayed all in person teaching until the the 25th of January which will be reviewed following the government announcenment on the 18th. This was communciated to students via their Interim Vice Provost on the 30th December, with individual departments confirming individual course details in more depth.

Email sent to Imperial Business College Students


Goldsmiths have suspended all face to face teaching until the 25th of January and each department is currently reviewing its face to face teaching for the spring term.

The campus will reopen but only for essential access to student services. For more information on Goldsmiths teaching arrangements check here.


UAL have also suspended all in person teaching until the 25th of January at the earliest. They have also called for students not to travel and to avoid UAL accomodation and campus until the 25th. For more information UAL’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor published the following statement. 


The London School of Economics has suspended all teaching until February. They have confirmed in an email to students that teaching will be going online for the first two weeks of term and that students avoid returning to their term time accomodation until shortly before their face to face tuition is due to begin.

The campus will be open from the 4th of January every day from 8am-10pm, however they can only access the campus facilities if they are affected by one of the following conditions:

• You have travel plans in place that cannot be changed.

• You do not have suitable study conditions at your non-term time address.

• There are wellbeing or health matters which mean you need to return to your term time address before teaching and learning begins.

Email sent to LSE students

We will continue to provide updates on the decisions taken by each university as they are announced.