This third year Journalism student got a First on her dissertation on #Milifandom

Ed Miliband would be mega proud of that 74!!!

This year we have been treated to an array of unusual dissertation topics, and Westminster third year Journalism student Hannah Grafton was by far one of the best. Last month the Tab reported how she had written her dissertation on the political sensation that was (and still is) Milifandom; the fandom of Labour politican Ed Miliband, which began around the time of the 2015 General Election.

Milifandom took the internet by storm, and it seems that the topic matter managed to do something similar to the markers of Hannah’s dissertation. She recently got her marks back and did extremely well, being marked a 74!

When we spoke with Hannah previously, she asssured us that she had no regrets about her dissertation:

“I’m actually pretty happy with what I did… it’s definitely better than doing something boring that no one would understand or find funny.

A topic this ridiculous makes people interested to know more, so everybody I spoke to at uni thought it would make a good dissertation. I might have gotten a few hard eye rolls after telling people, but I think that comes from people’s opinions of Ed himself.”

We’re sure after achieving a First in her dissertation, that she definitely has no regrets about it.