Hannah Abrey

Hannah Abrey
London University


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UCL’s BNOC of the Year 2017: The Final Three

You’ve voted for your top three. Now choose your winner

We asked young people why they voted in this General Election

“It’s a Theresa Nay from me”

Young people didn’t vote in the General Election for ‘free beer and other gimmicks’

The confused and cynical old critics are the ones who need to grow up

Have your opportunity to save the IOE bar

The original petition made to save the bar from closure has over 2,100 signatures

UCL research finds that moderate drinking can lead to a decline in memory

Does this mean no more Jägerbombs at Loop?

This third year Journalism student got a First on her dissertation on #Milifandom

Ed Miliband would be mega proud of that 74!!!

UCL ranked seventh best in the WHOLE of the World for the second year running

We’re a whopping 16 places higher than KCL

UCLU rebranding estimated to cost £68,125

Just over a year since UCL’s last rebranding and a year since UCL signed the biggest loan in British university history of 280 million pounds

The shy Tory effect: How being young and admitting you vote Conservative became social suicide

Publicly broadcasting your Labour support is embraced – but owning up to being a Tory gets a huge backlash

Where you live in London as a student, and what it says about you

Warning to all Freshers: be very careful with your second year accommodation choices

Breaking: UCL lose Varsity Title over rowdy Hockey match behaviour

KCL named Varsity Champions by default

John Legend just played the piano at St Pancras, and you missed it

He played Ordinary People, All of Me, and Surefire

Meet the UCLU Men’s Rowing Teams who have victory in their sights

They aim to help bring overall Varsity victory back where it belongs: UCL

Meet the UCLU Women’s Rowing Team who will dominate King’s

Who needs the Oxbridge Boat Race when you have Varsity, right?

Reports of sexual offences on London transport double in last five years

Arrests for sexual offences have increased 36% since 2015

Meet the UCLU Women’s Water Polo team ready to make waves at Varsity

They’re determined to claim back their title from King’s

You can now report sexual harassment and assault on public transport by text message

1 in ten Londoners experience unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport

Meet the UCLU Men’s Water Polo Team ready to break records

Bumpin’ and Jumpin’ to the top; watch out King’s

Meet the UCLU Women’s Football Team before they score at Varsity

Yes, they have been compared to Usain Bolt, Messi and Ronaldo.

Cat owners not at increased risk of mental health issues, UCL research finds

There’s no such thing as a ‘crazy cat lady’ (or man)

Drake was at XOYO last night, and you missed it

Skepta and Giggs also performed

Malia Bouattia offers ‘full support’ to rent strike and will not tolerate ‘bullying’ UCL management

Only 0.8 per cent of UCL accommodation was considered ‘affordable’

UCL students face disciplinary measures after October’s anti-Israel protest

It was concluded that both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian students were hostile during the incident

SOAS Jewish students prevented from defining Anti-Semitism by SU

It was in an amendment passed by student union

UCL graduate wins deal with UK spy agency, worth thousands

They’re called Spherical Defence

UCL on a ‘dangerous and destructive path’, says academics

Morale among UCL academics “has never been so low”

We asked SOAS students if they wanted white philosophers off the syllabus

‘You wouldn’t see another university make such a fuss.’

SOAS students demand white philosophers be dropped from syllabus

Down with Descartes!

A UoL catered hall in Bloomsbury served a halal option with red wine gravy

UoL has been approached for comment

Forget what you know: F1 is the best sport in the world

Brazil Grand Prix over Barclay Premiership any day mate

The club hype is false: gigs are much better

We need to ditch the clubbing mindset and embrace a gig-loving one