You will splurge £1.25 million this Freshers’ Week

Ministry of pounds

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Skint freshers will spunk over a million pounds next week on booze, takeaways and club entry.

Welcome Week is set to be a money-sapping machine, as 5,000 freshers hit the big city.

We will spend a whopping £1.25 million – enough money to put almost 150 people through their first year of uni.

Freshers Events – £60

The UCLU events are pricey. Ministry of Sound alone will set you back £20, but it comes with the London territory.

The other events are cheaper and The Qube Project only costs £3.

Combine the UCLU events with the externally organised ones and you’re looking at a substantial expenditure.


Pre drinks – £60

The Fosters and Basic range vodka come pretty cheap, but you’re going to want a lot when you’re about to contend with some of the stickiest spots in the city.

If you’re buying in bulk and have cheap taste you can probably manage it on around £60, but if you’re more Grey Goose than Glens you could easily spend well in excess of £100.

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Travel – £50

You’ll drop around two precious pounds as you lug your premixed vodka lemonade around the Tube, but you’ll spend a fiver on a taxi home too. Some of the events are in the depths of South London, far from perfect for access from our beloved NW1’s.

Bring on the night tube

Food – £40

This may seem steep for your diet of pasta and ready-made Dolmio sauce, but you’re going to make rogue decisions when you’re drunk.

If you make it to the end of Freshers’ Week without getting a few greasy kebabs in, you’re not doing it right.

This, coupled with hungover McDonald’s and the odd pizza takeaway, and you’ve spent more money than you’d ever dream of.


Miscellaneous  – £20

Whether you need a fancy dress outfit for an initiation, you’ve got to pay a ridiculous £5 fee for losing your room key, or even a lost bet, freshers throws up unexpected costs.

All in all, freshers will spend £250 each this freshers – sorry to break the news.

Take this average and apply it to all 5,000 freshers and you’ve got yourself enough money buy a couple of the shit flats you’ll end up living in next year.

Let’s hope it’s worth it.