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The X Factor’s Honey G was a student at UCL last year

She studied Management

Scrapping Meat Free Mondays is a no-brainer

It might be scrapped on Tuesday

Meat Free Mondays might be removed by UCLU

A motion is set to be discussed on Tuesday

Phineas could be banning downing pints and pitchers

The food and beverages manager is ‘reviewing it’

How to nail Freshers’ according to a UCL BNOC

You’ve probably seen her on Facebook

These students lived in Amy Winehouse’s iconic Camden house, here’s a look inside

It’s definitely nicer than your house

‘Divided and now United, this is our America’

How one trip to a Rebel fort opened my eyes to America’s race problem

Trump’s neighbors are hoping he wins – so their apartments are worth more

We posed as billionaires for a viewing at Trump Tower

Donald Trump will almost certainly lose

A new poll gives him only a 20 percent chance

We found cocaine traces in Trump Tower

Someone has been snorting coke in the ladies’ bathroom

I spoke to Trump-voting ‘babes’ about why they’re gunning for him

‘Hillary reminds me of Cersei Lannister’

You can now get the contraceptive pill delivered to your door

An app called Doctor Care Anywhere can even deliver the morning after pill

BNOC of the year: Group Four

Roll up roll up

Freshers crack SEVEN double-yolk eggs in a row

It’s being dubbed the ‘dream box’

Second Shot Coffee launches tomorrow

Be there

Why are you posting pictures on your friends wall for their birthday

Just send a text

UCL places 4th in UK in new World University Rankings

We were 20th in the world

Nominations are open for UCL’s BNOC of the Year

It’s that time again

Crowd Funding page set up for homeless Camden man

She wants to help him rebuild his life

Which degree is most likely to get you a 2:1?

Gutted if you do joint honours

Naked restaurant to open in London this Summer

It’s being described as ‘liberating’

UCL slumps in rankings

We still beat King’s though

How much you’ll be earning in 10 years according to your degree

It’s not good for arts students

UCL and King’s to hold JOINT graduation ceremony

It’s to save money

Protestors burn Rex Knight effigy on Euston viaduct

They were protesting against rent and censorship

The Becky Pinnington scandal is an insult to us all

We shouldn’t stand for it

Petition launched in support of Becky Pinnington

It needs 1000 signatures

Tayyab gate: More freshers come forward citing Officer harassment

More people felt ‘threatened’

There is a talk on ‘How to be Fabulous’ at UCL tonight

It’s hosted by the Yoncé Appreciation Society

UCL faces bullying accusations after threatening to expel a student

She was going to publish rent profit forecasts for Pi

How to spot someone from Surrey

It’s really quite simple

Woody Grill owner fined £30,000 following hygiene offences

It’s following ‘dirty’ conditions in one of the branches

UCL’s ultimate Varsity squad? Meet the frisbee team

Slippin’ discs

UCL Take Me Out: Meet the boys

Let the demand see the supply

Everyone on campus should be raging about the rent

Bear with me here

Ballers: The UCL Varsity netball lineup 2016

They’ll probably win

Why we should all get behind the UCL Varsity teams this year

It’s the one time we can all come together

We asked UCLU candidates how many times they’ve been to Loop

Voting closes at 10am tomorrow

UCL Take Me Out: Meet the girls

Let the U C the L

London Varsity 2016: Meet the UCL Captains set to destroy King’s

I walk down the Strand with my…

Meet the rugby boys set to destroy King’s next week

I’m Burlington Bertie

The best pictures from Pride in UCLU Sport Week

This is the most colourful article ever

The poster opposite UCLU cost over £2,000

It’s hung on 22 Gordon Street

Netball players will always be the dream

It goes back to your school days

If you’re not wearing a blazer on a night out, what are you doing?

The jacket maketh the man

I have a rare disease which means my bones dislocate 20 times a day

Sometimes my hip pops out mid-sex

The Tab V-Dates: This is Miles

He looks great in a dinner jacket

The Tab V-Dates: Meet Marina

She’s got a banking internship

The Tab V-Dates: Meet Alex

Time is running out

You will now be a criminal if you fail to repay your student loan

Thanks Dave

The Tab V-Dates: Introducing Nathanael

He’s really good at lacrosse

The women’s lacrosse team have made a music video

They’re dancing to Justin Bieber

Pancake day is the most overrated day of the year

It always falls a bit flat

The Tab V-Dates: Introducing Priya

Are all Economics students single?

How to ace beer pong according to the EFS champions

Apparently you should arc the ball

The Tab V-Dates: Meet Mr. Gray

He’s from Essex

The Victoria line was evacuated due to a bomb scare

It’s just reopened

The Tab V-Dates: Meet Ayesha

Things are heating up

The Tab V-Dates: Introducing Katie

She’s the editor of a magazine

Nominate your friends for UCL’s Maddest Fresher

‘That’s what uni’s all about right’

It’s time someone said it: Croydon is the best place in the world

At least the most underrated

The Tab’s V-Dates: Meet UCL’s first singleton

She really needs a boyfriend

Let’s not lie to ourselves, sixth form was the best time of our life

I miss it

Just because I go to all of my seminars doesn’t mean I’m a nerd

I even drink beer

150 students launch rent strike over ‘unaffordable’ rent

It will last indefinitely

Goodbye TigerTiger Croydon, I’ll miss you

Mischief! is relaunching at SLVR tonight in its place

The Mayfair club safari

Everyone you’ll inevitably see on a West London night out

Slopes style: Best dressed in the Alps

The 80s are making a comeback

UCL grad hailed as hero after saving his mum from Dubai fire

14 people were injured in the blaze

TED talks are coming to UCL next week

Final release tickets cost £35

Madeleine Kowitz is UCL’s fittest female fresher

She even studies Psychology

Meet this year’s fittest male fresher

He won the whole competition

Best dressed: EFS Christmas Ball

Apparently a dinner jacket is a great investment

The Central line is reopening at Tottenham Court Road today

It’s been closed for a year

Hundreds of UCL students added to Facebook chat to celebrate fresher’s birthday

The organisers were pre drinking for Fabric

Macer Gifford will speak at UCL tonight

The event has sold out

Psychology students are the best looking girls on campus

You know it’s true

Hawkridge students given £400,000 compensation

The rent strikes worked

The UCLU naked calendar has gone on sale


Does anyone actually care about university rivalries?

Your dad doesn’t work for my dad

‘Kill all white men’ Bahar Mustafa has resigned in a row over bullying

She’s finally quit, can we stop droning on about it now?

EFS Christmas ball sells out in under four minutes

The first 100 went in less than 90 seconds

Tooting Broadway was evacuated because of a ‘man armed with scissors’

It was a storm in a tea cup

Tooting Broadway evacuated after security alert

Armed police are on the scene

UCLU finally denounce ISIS in new statement

Better late than never

Asad needs to apologise for what he said about Macer

He allegedly said ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’

Let him speak: UCLU reverse decision to no-platform Macer

Union backtrack on controversial banning

We went looking for cocaine on campus

Looking right under your noses

Coronet Theatre to close after 136 years

It’s to make way for new housing

Union ban ex-student from talking about his experiences fighting ISIS

They said ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’

Win VIP tickets to Ministry of Sound

It’s really easy

Snowsports rent out entire Chelsea club for launch party

There’s loads of freebies too

Dressing up for Halloween is for children, so why are you doing it at uni?

Are you five?

Londoners’ favourite sex position is standing up

Aren’t we adventurous

Ramsay residents banned from hosting rent meeting in their own common room

They also can’t pre-drink for Loop

Campbell House West residents have been given over £1,000 compensation each

It’s because of the noise

We know what you watched last summer: UCL staff view thousands of porn sites

Randy academics and delegates surfed porn over 5000 times a day in August

I went in search of the cheapest pint in London

Spoiler: It’s £2.56

Let’s pour it up for Uber, the best thing to ever happen to our generation

Please don’t leave

You will splurge £1.25 million this Freshers’ Week

Ministry of pounds

I went to a boys’ private school and I’m not a sexist bigot

My friends aren’t either