Petition to reduce graduation fees amasses hundreds of votes

They’re kicking off

Angry almost-grads are crying out for the Provost to reduce the costs of Graduation through a petition which has amassed almost 1500 votes.

Fiona Day, a final year Linguistics student started a petition on Thursday following outrage at the cost of her imminent graduation.


How much would you pay to graduate here?

The petition claims that, “having already paid thousands of pounds towards tuition fees, it is totally unreasonable that I now have to pay £78 to attend my own graduation”.

The cost of graduation is split in to £35 for attendance and £43 for obligatory gowns, on top of an added £35 for guests. This is on top of an eye-watering £27,000 in tuition fees over three years.

Straight to the point

Straight to the point


This petition hopes to: “celebration of graduand’s hard work at UCL, and not one which is only open to those who can afford it”.