Jailbreak 2013: Previews

The Tab speaks to a few teams about their plans for this weekend’s Jailbreak.

Tomorrow morning at 8am, some brave UCL students will be heading off on a journey that may end in blood, sweat and tears. A 36 hour charity hitchhike of doing anything they can to essentially get a free holiday.

The Tab spoke to three of the teams getting ready for the journey ahead.

Team Trotsky

Team Trotsky are going down the ‘clever-literary-reference’ route; their theme being pigs. They told us that they’re aiming to get to mainland Europe, hopefully somewhere hot. Speaking of hot, they’ll be relying on their most beautiful member (right) to charm them through the border-crossings, but only time will tell whether beauty can shine through a pig costume.

Escape from the Zoo

When asked for their team name, this group didn’t have one yet. However, after finding out their theme, escaped zoo animals, they had the brainwave to name themselves ‘Escape from the Zoo’. Ingenius. This zoo, however, is pretty questionable as it’s made up of a monkey, a penguin and a cow. No wonder their security system is so lax. The team told us they’re aiming to get as far East as possible, at which point Rebecca shouts ‘Russia’. The boys were confident that their “sweet talk” and “good looks” will be enough to get them through – let’s hope the rest of Europe are as susceptible to their charm as they are themselves.

Lads on Tour

When told the name of this team, we asked whether ‘Lads’ is spelt with an ‘s’ or a ‘z’. We were answered by a; “Oh god, ‘s’ of course, we’re not from Essex.” These boys will be donning cowboy outfits for the weekend, although we were rather defensively told that they will be “straight, not Brokeback Mountain cowboys” (although after 36 hours together we’ll see about that). Asking where they would most like to end up was met with an immediate; “AMSTERDAM! Because, we’re lads on tour.” Ideally, however, they’re aiming for Cape Town. A common tactic for all three teams we spoke to seems to be charm, which ‘Lads on Tour’ think they have in abundance. Team member ‘Saags’ is allegedly going to be the most successful at this; he even gave me a demonstration by asking “Did you ask for my name so you can stalk me on Facebook?” Oh Saags.

The Tab Challenge

As well as bringing you live updates from all the Jailbreak teams this weekend, The Tab are sending two of our boys on the journey and pitting them against each other. Head-to-head if you will.

Culture Editor, Jonny Chadwick (left) and Sports Editor, Joe Jackson (right) will be competing for the coveted title of Tab Jailbreak Champion, based on completing our set of challenges and the ultimate task – who can get the furthest?

The Challenges:

1. Get five people to wear your Tab t-shirt.
2. Kiss a bald man on the head.
3. Get the phone number of someone who you are sexually attracted to.
4. Get a photo of a girl wearing only a Tab t-shirt.
5. Get a photo with a topless guy with a six pack.
6. Take a video of a stranger downing a pint in less than 10 seconds.
7. Ask a foreigner how to say “fuck me” in their language.
8. Get a photo of a French person wearing a beret and holding a baguette (extra points for stripy jumpers and onions).
9. Convince someone that you’re a member of the Royal Family.
10. Give your autograph to ten people who didn’t ask for it.

Whether you’re going on Jailbreak this weekend, supporting a friend or want to stalk a bunch of strangers across Europe, keep checking The Tab for live updates, and tweet us #TabJailbreak if you’re part of or following the action.