Zehrah Heesan

Zehrah Heesan


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Shouldn’t ULot be revising?

ULU Protest promises the be the “first of many”.

UCL Revision Grumblr

Because not everyone’s finished.

Kirk Sneade appealing UCLU ban after Union cock up

Kirk Sneade banned from all UCLU areas but has decided to appeal.

Dawkins outraged by Islamic gender segregation at UCL

UCL blamed for ‘sexual apartheid’ by Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss

Women’s Officer: Helen Chandler-Wilde

The third wheel in the Women’s Officer race.

External Affairs and Campaigns Officer: Hannah Webb vs Simon Pearce

We shit-stir by making these polar opposite candidates stand next to each other.

Education and Campaigns Officer: Keir Gallagher

Can Keir do it?

Democracy and Communications Officer: Ben McCabe

As Gaus goes, will McCabe replace him as DCO?

UCLU Election Grumblr

Don’t vote for me.

Activities Officer: Adina vs Eleanor

Part-time roles, but a full-time commitment.

Sexist or sane? Sneade Speaks

The Tab talks to controversial election candidate, Kirk Sneade.

10 Songs for Travelling

Inspired by Jailbreak, the best songs for the road.

Jailbreak 2013: The Results

Where did they end up?

Jailbreak 2013: Previews

The Tab speaks to a few teams about their plans for this weekend’s Jailbreak.

UCL students do Europe’s biggest shake

Video: you’ve seen every Harlem Shake, but have you seen Europe’s biggest?

Bussing It

Experience any of these problems on the 24?

Gower-Strand Occupation Cancelled

Occupied 2013 becomes unoccupied.

Europe’s Biggest Shake

The Tab was in the middle of the action.

The Portico Sessions: Solo Major

The Beatles had a roof, but we have the Portico.


Ruby Clyde on the gripes of modern technology.

10 Songs for getting you through January

Music to fill that January shaped void.

The Best Coffee Around Campus

Fed up of feeding your student loan to Nero for an average, overpriced cappuccino? Charlie Marmion is here to help.

Shit UCL Students Say

The Tab’s response to the YouTube sensation.

Jeremy’s Journal

We’ve raised him from the dead to write one of our weekly columns.

New Year, New You?

Lauren Sutherland wonders what 2013 will have in store. 2012 will be a hard one to beat.

The Nightclub Mating Ritual

Endeavours of a Nightclub Lothario.

This Week in GIFS

What’s been happening in UCL over the past week and a half…

The BNOCs of Gower Street

The Tab’s Big Names of 2012.

UCL Grumblr Part 2

I hate everyone.

The Winter Blues

Tis the season to be crying.

UCL Grumblr

Don’t look at me.

How to Grow your Mo

Facial hair styles for a more exciting Movember.

The poshest societies at UCL

Societies for UCL’s most elite.

Café Conundrums

Alexandra Simpson uncovers the best hidden cafés around UCL.

Portico Tribes Explained

UCL is a hotbed for education, demonstration and lunchtime segregation.

The 9k Fresher

As we look with nostalgia at freshers now behind us, and see the start of the new academic year, Laura Piccirillo investigates what the ‘9k’ fresher is and whether they will have a different approach to study…

How to become a BNOC

A new academic year has begun and so it’s time to reassess, reinvent and become revered.

Top Ten Websites for Procrastination

Let’s face it, you’re not working now so you might as well give in…

Address to the Hermit Population

You are not alone.

Preview – CATS

Coming soon to a cat flap near you…

Spring Sessions in the Station

Can’t wait for Summer? Well, Spring can be exciting too.

Essential Cinema Saving Tips

How to enjoy films without going bankrupt.

UCOpera: Sex, Babies and Baroque’n’roll

Acante et Cephise wows at The Bloomsbury.

BEHIND THE DECKS: Student Clubbing in the eyes of a UCL DJ

Zehrah Heesan finds out from one of our most experienced and talented DJs at UCL, Adiba Maduegbuna, what life is like on the other side of the dancefloor.

‘Delirium’ – UCLU Dance Society infects the Bloomsbury…in a good way.

Opening night for Dance Society showcases the best of UCL talent.

UCLU Elephants in the room?

Have you seen them?

World Book Day the UCL Way

Zehrah Heesan takes a look at UCL’s most readable alumni