UCL Bucket List

The Mayans say the end is near, so make the most of your last few days at UCL.

Tick them off before the world ends!

(because you should always take life advice from a magical stone picture clock made by some people thousands of years ago)

1. Reveal all – Just because UCL Confessions no longer exists, there’s no stopping you from getting all those scandals off your chest. 

2. Give up on that diet and do The Fast Food Holy Trinity*

*Warren Street Macdonald’s, Euston Burger King, Goodge Street KFC


4. Get ‘tache burn off Malcolm

5. Dress up a monkey and release it into the Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre

6. Get wasted IN the library

7. Have a seance on the Portico

8. Run down Malet Place naked and feel the wind in your…hair

9. Have a coup d’etat and declare yourself as President of any UCLU society

10. Use your gym membership (at least once before you perish)

11. Find Jeremy Bentham’s head

12. Give up on your dreams of being a doctor/laywer/world leader/person and chill out


13. Because the world is going to end anyway