Hugh Bassett

How eight famous people spent their time at uni

Wondering if it’s all worth it? Well this lot went through uni and they turned out ok

Team Tab Fashion Mashup

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Do we Sneade to go this far?

Hugh Bassett muses on the severe consequences for Sneade and Stander.

Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Why we’re the doom generation…

Interview: The Diamond Noise

Hugh gets to know the UCL-alumni band Diamond Noise.

An Outsider’s Sport’s Night

What are Wednesday nights really like?

Bad Fruit

Are fad diets necessarily bad diets?

The Magic of Christmas

Columnist Hugh Bassett discusses the magic of Christmas.

UCL Bucket List

The Mayans say the end is near, so make the most of your last few days at UCL.

The Worst Christmas Presents Ever

Last Christmas, you got something shit so the very next day, you gave it away.

Dissertation Titles Worth Publishing

Hugh Bassett discovers a few of the topics that probably didn’t need a 10,000 word essay.

Things every UCL Student House Must Have

10 things that should grace the rooms of all UCL Students.

Craziest Places You’ve Ever Woken Up

With the impending RAG LOST event, Hugh Bassett finds out the craziest places you’ve found yourself.

Five Foods We Think Are Good For Us (But totally aren’t)

Healthy eating myths busted.

Fresher’s Transformations

First Year; a time of minimal responsibility and self-discovery.

Booze? No thanks, I’m a Fresher

Hugh Bassett finds out why the idea of getting wasted has wasted away.

Do I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Hugh Bassett contemplates his role in World Peace

Ode to My Fit Professor

Hugh Bassett contemplates the problems with student/professor love

Pole Fitness: A Man’s World

Hugh Bassett ventures to where few men have ventured before…

Tab Tries: Halal and Kosher Food

Hugh Bassett – student by day, sandwich-critic extraordinaire by night puts UCL’s new taste menu to the test.