Uni Bomb Scare Spreads

Cambridge is the latest victim of a bomb scare hoax hitting unis across the country


The New Museum site of Cambridge University was evacuated yesterday as the spate of bomb scares at leading universities across the UK continues.

Cambridge is the sixth university to receive hoax threats but the attack appears to be an isolated incident in contrast to last month's synchronised scare.

Durham, Bristol, Leicester, Essex and Sussex all received email threats on the 23rd of April. The email to Bristol read: ‘Two small bombs are hidden in Wills and Durdham Halls. They will explode later today. Take this warning very, very seriously.’

At Durham, the Students’ Union and Castle College were evacuated, while in Bristol David Cameron’s personal sniffer dogs was called to the scene. The Prime Minister had been visiting the city earlier that morning.

The Metropolitan police have been investigating the events however the perpetrators and their motives remain unknown as the emails were untraceable.

None of the emails contained demands or made political statements and no group has come forward to claim responsibility for the disruption.

Third year history student from UEA, Emily Ritzer commented “it's pretty scary. I hope we don’t get one. Even if it is a hoax, blowing people up is not something you should joke about. There are a lot of nutters out there”

In an unrelated incident, UCL experienced it's own bomb scare last month when students were evacuated from exams taking place on Tottenham Court road.

49-year-old Michael Green from Hemel Hempstead, closed down a large area of central London around Tottenham Court road after he failed the HGV truck driving qualification and was not refunded his money.