UEA Rugby banned after Controversial Party

UEA Rugby team overstep the line after booze-fuelled night results in a ban by the UEA Union

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UEA Rugby Club has been shut down after a post Derby Day party on the 14th March which resulted in racist taunting and offensive costumes. 
Several members of the team dressed up as Welsh footballer Gary Speed, who tragically committed suicide earlier this year, Baby P, the Klu Klux Klan and infamous Ugandan guerrilla leader Joseph Kony were also worn.
In turn, it emerged a German member of the hockey team had abusive chants about German bombers being shot down by the RAF, sung at him by one of the players.
An unnamed UEA student told their student newspaper Concrete:
"Some of their members were very reasonable and apologised on behalf of those members who had been chanting. However, the members who had chanted didn't apologise and asked why we didn't have sense of humour about the issue."
As punishment, the club is to be disbanded for a year due to the racist and sexist allegations surrounding it. 
An open letter to the club by the Union of UEA students said the club would only be reinstated with "special measures."
The letter went on to state: “The suspension of all activity will last until the start of the 2013/14 academic year, with special measures in place to ensure that the new club does not follow the same path as the current club.”
Student Union Finance Officer Rob Bloomer added: “It’s not that other clubs don’t behave badly sometimes. It’s just that rugby do it every year and they have had several final warnings.”
The Union has confirmed all members of the club who were at the events will not only be banned from the Sports Association but banned from playing sport at UEA, unless those responsible are named in writing by 5pm on March 23rd. Members will then have seven days to respond to the charge through an appeal.
Yesterday, the Rugby cub confirmed its intention to appeal the Union's decision to disband the teams with the Club President, Andy Driver stating that the "foolish and thoughtless behaviour of some individuals should be punished, rather than the club as a whole."