Louis Allen
Deputy Editor

Victory for the Left in UCLU Elections

UCLU elections sees some close races but no real surprises as left wing candidates dominate.

Where are all the balls?

UCL balls – not enough or just right?

Jeremy’s Journal

West of the Cloisters born and raised…

10 Songs for Getting Overemotional

10 songs to bring you down.

Jeremy’s Journal

Jeremy tries his hand at online shopping.

Jeremy’s Journal

Jeremy on life in the box.

Jeremy’s Journal

Tab Columnist Jeremy Bentham on a tough week.

BNOC ALERT: UCL Announce New Provost

Bye bye Malcolm, hello Michael

America Soc makes The Guardian… for poor turnout

Guardian columnist Tim Dowling gives America Soc a mention after just 20 turn up to hear him speak.

UCL One of the Rich Kids After Research Grant Bump

UCL receives an extra £8 million in research grants amid general cuts.

0.01% Turnout In ULU Hustings Farce

Just 26 turn up for ULU hustings event.

Triumph: UCL Wins First Round Of University Challenge

Off to a cracking start, UCL win their first round of University Challenge

UCLU Backs Students Over Visa Farce

UCLU criticises immigration policy after thousands of international students wait in unacceptable conditions to register with police

UCL pips oxford in uni world rankings

UCL surges past Britain’s oldest uni to fourth place in the QS World University rankings

UCL Prof Pans Potter PhD

Reading Harry Potter for your finals? A conference in St.Andrew’s discusses the possibilities.

Student fined for decapitating pigeon

St.Andrews student decapitates pigeon in drunken evening.

Minted! UCL in the money with Education Grant

UCL receive £174.3 million HEFCE grant.

Is UCL the place for self-employed millionaires?

Research by the Daily Telegraph shows UCL graduates’ financial potential.

Be careful who your (FB) friends are

Two UCL computer scientists discover Facebook profile stalking loophole.

UEA Rugby banned after Controversial Party

UEA Rugby team overstep the line after booze-fuelled night results in a ban by the UEA Union