Buzz Before Voting!

The Buzz gives you the inside track on the UCLU Spring Elections

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Last week The Buzz revealed shockingly low turnout at the ULU elections and asked- do UCL students care?

On Monday campaigning began in the UCLU Spring Elections 2012, with voting beginning on Friday so it’s time to see whether or not UCL students are itching to vote or really couldn't care less.

Here at The Buzz we will be bringing you all the best news on the candidates from now until the close of voting on March 7th as well as the results on March 9th.

As well as the full time positions such as Education and Campaigns Officer and Democracy and Communications Officer (no more James Skuse emails) there are a host of positions up for grabs and we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews and with candidates as well as bringing you candidate videos that you won't find anywhere else!

What will the candidates do to improve student life at UCL? Why do they deserve your vote? And, unlike David Cameron, do they know what a Slippery Nipple is?

Stay with us over the nine days as we keep you up to date with everything that you need to know- the best UCLU election coverage: only at The Buzz.