Liverpool Uni is offering its empty student accommodation to NHS staff

Students who have chosen to stay in halls will be in different buildings

The University of Liverpool are in discussions with the NHS about offering entire halls of residence to house NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social restrictions.

NHS staff could take the rooms of former students who were encouraged to move back to their primary residence.

Students who have moved out before 31st March 2020 will see their final instalment of accommodation fees cancelled.

UoL are already supporting the NHS through the COVID-19 outbreak, with final-year student medics volunteering to help out in local hospitals before they graduate as qualified doctors this summer.

A University of Liverpool spokesperson told The Liverpool Tab: “We are in conversation with the NHS about a range of ways in which we can offer our support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“As part of these discussions we are actively exploring the possibility of providing some of our university halls of residence as much-needed accommodation for frontline NHS staff.”

On whether students staying who are practising social distancing in their uni halls will be affected, they added: “To be clear, students who choose to remain in our halls will not be accommodated in the same building.

“We would provide entire halls solely for use by the NHS.”

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