Liverpool’s student medics are helping local hospitals deal with COVID-19

Over 230 soon-to-be doctors have volunteered

Students at the University of Liverpool, who will graduate as qualified doctors in a few months, have been volunteering their services to local hospitals during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

UoL announced that “more than 230 final-year medical students at the University of Liverpool have volunteered to help the NHS”.

Students who help out on the frontline of the pandemic will not be expected to carry out duties they are not experienced with, and will be supervised by doctors they have already worked with.

They also won’t have to make any legal or final medical decisions about any particular patients or cases.

The Dean of the Liverpool School of Medicine has said: “This is a great time of challenge for the NHS, involving unprecedented circumstances that demand a very different response to normal.

“In the summer, our final-year students will become the new cohort of qualified junior doctors. I can think of no better preparation for this than their support of the NHS at a time of great need.

It will be excellent training for their future careers”.

One student doctor, Priya, told the BBC: “If we’re not volunteering to work at the moment then we’ll just be sat at home doing nothing.

“So, it’s better that we’re out there working, getting the experience we need and helping the NHS at this moment in time”.

Featured Image via: SWNS

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