Have you been followed or assaulted near Smithdown Road? Share your experience

You can be anonymous if you want

On Saturday 15th February, a University of Liverpool student was sexually assaulted on Smithdown Road.

Since then, posts on local Facebook groups Smithdown Ticket Exchange and Liverfess have revealed the scale of incidents of stalking and assaults against students in the Wavertree area.

Merseyside Police have advised students to “be vigilant when walking, and if you have experienced or witnessed such an assault, come forward with any information, dash-cam, mobile phone or CCTV footage, and we can take positive action to find the person or persons responsible and bring them before the courts.”

If you’ve had a similar experience, we want to hear from you – feel free to give as much or as little detail as you want. You can remain anonymous or you can choose to give your name if you’re okay with us getting in touch with you privately. We won’t publish anyone’s stories or identify anyone without permission.


If you’d rather share your experiences another way, email [email protected].

Featured image via Instagram @fran_chestnut94.