Juicy is the best Thursday night out, and you know it

It just makes sense

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It’s Thursday. It’s basically the weekend already. It’s time to get your Thursday night sass on.

Club nights come and go in Liverpool. Any day of the week you can find some half-attended RnB night trying to entice you in with cheap shots and weak vodka-mixers.  But they disappear as quickly as they come and there’s one simple reason: No one can challenge the sassy superiority of Juicy – the only night worth going to when you’re starting your weekend early.

Queuing for Juicy is an experience like no other. Yes, you might be half way down Seel Street but that doesn’t faze you. Why would it when you’ve got enough time to make best friends with that girl from your seminar who doesn’t ever speak? You’ve exchanged numbers, already made a WhatsApp group called ‘Course huns’ and organised drinks after your lecture next week. Fab.

Just getting in the zone

And once you get inside the hallowed hall of Thursday nights, you begin to realise just how fab Juicy is.  The music is what makes Juicy, Juicy. Don’t worry, there’s none of that S-club 7 shit. It’s Kisstory FM, but better. Playing the R&B and hip hop that everyone actually knows, from Destiny’s Child to Kanye West (pre 2016 meltdown, obvs), Juicy is somewhere you can bump and grind all night long, care free. Who actually likes deep house anyway?

There’s no denying that the the décor of the Shipping Forecast is as nice as the inside of a club gets. No sticky floors, no leaking roofs and the selfie lighting is faultless. Compare it to those grotty bars on Concert Square, whose names no one really remembers, to the sweaty terror of LEVEL or to the the interior of Thursday at Garlands and it’s obvious Juicy is the only option on a Thursday. All that wood and distressed brickwork adds the class and sass we all deserve.

Juicy is love, Juicy is life

Plus for the girls, choosing Juicy means you can swap your stilettos and bodycon LBD for an alternative look that shouts hiphop, leaving you comfortably dancing on the tables until 3am. When deciding on your outfit, ask the key question WWMED (what would Missy Elliot do, duh), and the baes will come running. Juicy is all about skinny jeans, mesh crop tops and reebok classics: wearing your dad’s 90’s Adidas jacket just adds to the vibe.

Juicy is always packed by 12 and always ends in the same hungover regret, but you’d be lying if you wanted anything else. Admittedly the drinks might be a bit pricey, but  there’s no more meaningful way to tell that Rude Boy you “don’t want no scrub” than with a double vodka in hand. And this kind of confidence comes at a cost.

At Juicy, no one is there to judge and you can do whatever you want, even if you’re a 19 year old white girl trying to twerk. The dancing isn’t judged, and singing along to Gold Digger is 100% encouraged.

So, next Thursday go release your inner Sean Paul and let your fresh creps speak for themselves.