The uni gym is free over the exam period

They’re even doing massages for a tenner

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The University are offering all students free use of the Sport Liverpool facilities so that we can ‘reduce stress’ and ‘boost our concentration’ levels during exams.

The sports hall, squash courts, swimming pool and the gym are all available for use from 7am-11am and 2pm-4pm on weekdays, and all day during the weekends.

The good news is you don’t have to have a membership of Sport Liverpool: anyone is welcome to weight-lift away those last minute panics, or work on their abs after Christmas.

Join the gym boiz

Also on offer are 20 minute neck and shoulder massages for only £10 – perfect for a pre-exam nerve calmer or a post-exam de-stress.

Jimmy, a second year engineer that pays to use a gym in the city centre, gave his opinion on the scheme: “That’s a nice idea, but being a gym boy, I’m too big to fit through the uni doors right now”.

Any university students can use the facilities from 18th January – 29th January. All you have to do is complete a disclaimer, which can be downloaded here, and bring it with you on your first visit.

To book a massage, you just need to visit the Sport Liverpool reception.

Happy cross-training.