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What they don’t tell you about life as a student in Liverpool

They should really put this in the brochures

Everything you weren’t told before you started Liverpool

Red salt and library rivalry

We asked Liverpool students what advice they’d give Freshers

You can resit an exam, but you can’t resit the sesh

We asked Freshers why they chose Liverpool

“Because I didn’t get into Leeds”

Smithdown Road Festival is back this September

Just in time for the students return, Smithdown Road festival is bringing a day of live music back to Liverpool.

Win a pair of Liverpool Guild Welcome Week wristbands

Remember Cascada?

Welcome Week wristbands are on sale now

Professor Green and Cascada are headlining

Why Liverpool should be your first choice

Did we mention we’re the original red brick institution?

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Everything to do in Liverpool before you graduate

If you didn’t tick these boxes did you ever really go to #uni?

I’m halfway through first year and I’ve never been clubbing

Ain’t about that Juicy life

Keeping up with Kyle: Nobody needs forced drinking

I drink at my own pace, not at your will

Smithdown house parties are hell on earth

Do you even know the weirdos you’re letting in your house?

People who socialise in the library are the spawn of Satan

We don’t want to hear about how mad last night was

The uni gym is free over the exam period

They’re even doing massages for a tenner

How to decorate your house on the cheap this Christmas

From baggie baubles to takeaway menu paper chainz

International students: We need to give them a break

You never complain about your friends from Jersey swamping the SJ

You could be fined £1,000 for buying alcohol for drunk friends

The Police are trying to get us to Drink Less Enjoy More again

Meet the people running for Liverpool NUS delegate

Would you vote for a trampolinist?

Why is everyone so obsessed with the Scouse brow?

Fleek on Fleet Street