Safi Korn
Safi Korn

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Best dressed on campus: Deadline season

Deadlines are looming but style is booming

Sorry Concert Square, the reign of heels on a night out is over

Say farewell to barefoot walks home

A woman has been assualted with a high-heeled shoe on Bold Street

The incident happened on Saturday night

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Whilst most of us are slacking, some are still looking hot as they embrace deadline season.

Best Dressed Campus Style: Vote Now

All the best of Week 9 fashion

Liverpool Fashion Soc are hosting a Fashion Show at the Guild

They’re strutting their stuff for Teenage Cancer Trust and Coppafeel

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Baby, it’s cold outside.

There’s a clothes swap in the Guild on Friday

The newly formed UoL Fashion Society are holding their first ever event

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The first campus style of the year has arrived. Vote for your favourites at the bottom of the article.

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Sports luxe at the book returns, babe

Liverpool students may face rent increase

The council will vote this Wednesday

Campus Style: Spex Appeal

The best glasses on campus

Wearing glasses makes you better than everyone else

You could call it spex appeal

I’m halfway through first year and I’ve never been clubbing

Ain’t about that Juicy life

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The top ten spring styles we love

Boys, stop wearing polo necks to town

Blurring the lines between rave and ridiculous

Tab tries Xmas edition: Glittery hair roots

We weren’t very impressed