Elinor Rice

Elinor Rice
Liverpool University


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If you wanna be my lover, you’ve gotta get with my clubbers of the week

Zig ah zag ahhhh

Cancel your end of exams plans because the Cheeky Girls are in Level on Friday

Party time

PSA: if you don’t pay your library fines by Friday you’re not allowed to go to graduation

This is not a drill

No matter what I do, all I think about is clubbers of the week

Even when I’m with my boo

I don’t want to alarm anyone but there might be giant pornstar martinis coming to Liverpool

With whole bottles of prosecco

I don’t see how you can hate from outside clubbers of the week

You can’t even get in

Revision can wait: there is free prosecco in Liverpool today

All thanks to Gino D’acampo

The Chuckle Brothers are coming to Level this Bank Holiday Sunday


SJ Tesco to Smithdown Aldi: What your Liverpool supermarket choice says about you

Cheese and vino at Vine or microwave lasagne on Lidderdale?

You used to get it in your fishnets, now you only get it in clubbers of the week

Discarded all the Juicy nights for Heebies

BREAKING: Reports of 15 injured in explosion on the Wirral

The noise was heard as far away as North Wales

Why your third year in Liverpool will be the best of all of them

Prob still true if you’re doing five years tbh

Say you’re true, say to me, c’est clubbers of the week

Some people say I look like me dad

Clubbers of the week got me looking so crazy right now


Sean Turner re-elected into first all-male Student Officer team since 1982

Original reports of the first all-male team in 5 years are incorrect

The 2017 Guild Elections: Live


Everywhere else in Liverpool that needs a blue plaque

Give Yosef a knighthood while you’re at it

Liverpool’s student guild laid a plaque to commemorate Sir Ian McKellen eating a jacket potato

No, really

SJ Starbs machine or Bold St Coffee: What your on-campus coffee choice says about you

Who even goes to Caffe Nero?

Ain’t nobody messing with my clubbers of the week

You wouldn’t believe who’s in this

Clubbers of the week

How many jagerbombs is too many?

Everything is better in the world now that Juicy is back

This is the 2017 we deserve

There’s nothing in third year that can’t be solved with a cuddle


How to seduce your SJ bae

We’ve all got one

Send your bae one of our Loverpudlian cards this Valentine’s

Prepare for puns

Liverpool Domino’s driver offers drugs on delivery

They left a card with their number saying they were on drops offs all night

We need to talk about your fave Liverpool club’s video content

Who on earth makes these

The SJ answered all of our questions

They found a used condom in a baguette once

All the questions we have for the SJ


Clubbers of the week: end of exams edition

Look at you all, so fit and revision free

Scouse hero who paid £159 for student’s train ticket has been found

He’s a nurse and father of two in Guernsey

It’s easier than ever to get a first at uni

Three quarters of us will get a first or 2:1

Who is the Scouse hero who paid £159 for a student’s train ticket?

Grace Georgina lost her return ticket before travelling back to Liverpool from Euston

Liverpool beats London as top UK city to find a job

Is there anything this city can’t do?

There’s a pay-what-you-want restaurant opening in Liverpool

It’s going to be open on Slater Street for five days in February

Liverpool venue perfectly predicted #watersportsgate

It’s like they knew

We spoke to the mourners at David Bowie’s Brixton memorial one year on

There were people gathering from 6am

It’s set to snow in Liverpool this week

Can I park a sledge outside the SJ?

Every single thing in Liverpool you could spend your loan on

HOW many Stevie G cutouts?!

Wood Street strip club to take in 50 homeless people on Christmas Day

They’re providing goody bags and Christmas dinner

Plans submitted for more student accomodation in the city centre

Two takeaways could be knocked down

Things I’ve legitimately overheard at Liverpool Uni


The stereotypes you meet at every club in Liverpool

We’re at Heebies because we miss the old Juicy

The top three most burgled streets in Merseyside are all off Smithdown

It’s not great news if you live on Langton or Borrowdale

The chairs in South Campus Teaching Hub are the best thing about seminars

You know the ones

Go on have a peek, it’s clubbers of the week

How do you still have the money?

An extensive guide to eveything you can do in Liverpool this Halloween

There’s so much more than Concert Square

Two men are in hospital after Bold Street stabbing this morning

There were reports of a ‘bloodied rag’ left on the street

Everything you’ll learn in your first term at Liverpool

Sixth form is now a distant memory

Clubbers of the Week

Hey Mum, look how many friends I made.

Liverpool places 38th in Good Uni Guide rankings

JMU came 74th

The BBC have released a documentary about a Merseyside urban legend

It’s called ‘The Man Who Squeezes Muscles: Searching for Purple Aki’

Welcome Week wristbands are on sale now

Professor Green and Cascada are headlining

In defence of being the ‘other woman’

Contrary to popular belief, no one sets out to hurt anyone

I asked my 15-year-old sister why she isn’t a feminist

Only 19 per cent of 18-24 year olds identify as feminists

An ode to Bar Ca Va

Tequila time is all the time

The Liverpool Cat Cafe might be coming earlier than expected


How to spot someone from South Wales

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

Will we retain our crown at Varsity tomorrow?

Forget Liverpool v Everton next week: UoL vs LJMU is the most important derby of the year.

Tinie Tempah has dropped out of tonight’s Bongo’s Bingo

He’s being replaced by Wiley and Ms Dynamite

You could buy a shop on Smithdown for £1

But not if you want to open another takeaway

Only the most interesting people have the box room

Hey look, it’s the cool girl with the tiny bedroom

Your fave clubs according to Facebook reviews

The Raz obviously came last

Do you want to date an editor of The Tab Liverpool?

We are accepting (real) applications until Tuesday 9th February

There’s going to be a free festival on Smithdown Road

It will take place between Saturday 30 April and Monday 2 May

Central Perk has closed and you could own their furniture

How good would that orange sofa look in your Smithdown living room?

There’s going to be a Bowie takeover in Liverpool tonight

At midnight clubs all over the city will belt out his boss hits

Police have temporarily closed popular club Brooklyn Mixer

The club has seen six violent incidents in the last year

Look how festive The Guild was today

We tried to interview Santa

Liverpool has been voted the friendliest city in the UK

We beat Manchester, again

High street Christmas jumpers: The good, the bad and the ugly

Novelty knitwear is for life, not just for Christmas

Clubbers of the week: Poppin’ bottles

It’s too early for Christmas jumper nights

Liverpool clubbers of the week

Week six skankin’

There is a bouncy castle on Guild Walk playing house music

You can rave in it between lectures

Cheap Halloween outfits you can buy in Liverpool

Basic is always best

The Tab take Liverpool Fashion Week

Life on the FROW

Guild open ‘Minute for Mindfulness’ Room

It’s so chill

Reduce, re-use, recycle: Accessorize your old tatter into a statement outfit

For EVERY night of the week

Liverpool is the most stylish university in the country

Gone are the days of the shell suit

I spent Valentine’s Day with the girls and it was better than any date

This definitely isn’t bitter

The best places to ‘find’ yourself on campus

Life’s hard sometimes