Kyle James

Kyle James
Liverpool University


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The Guild is the best place for drinking in Liverpool

It’s more than just burritos

I don’t have any lecture friends and I love it

Shut up Henry, I just missed three lecture slides

Scrambler bike shooters opened fire in Wavertree last night

A 40-year-old man was shot

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to be screened with a live orchestra

Cue the muggle jokes

Your Arriva bus pass is a waste of money

The 699 ain’t all that

The scariest part of Halloween in Liverpool is Concert Square

Where things go bump in the night

Coming to terms with your disappointing beard

The ultimate trophy of masculinity can be all too illusive

Keeping up with Kyle: Why does everyone have a MacBook?

If you ain’t got a MacBook you ain’t a real student…apparently.

Keeping up with Kyle: Stop pretending you’re a gin enthusiast

Why is everybody suddenly so obsessed with gin?

Tinie Tempah set to be special guest at Bongo’s Bingo

He’s the latest in a slew of special guests to grace the infamous bingo night

Dear NUS, I’m an oppressed gay man and I need to be heard

They have accused gay men of ‘misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia’

Keeping up with Kyle: Thank God Paddy’s Day is over

Now the hangover has gone can we stop pretending we had a good time?

Keeping up with Kyle: Nobody needs forced drinking

I drink at my own pace, not at your will

Keeping up with Kyle: A guide to seminar etiquette

The worst thing about seminars is the people.

Smithdown house parties are hell on earth

Do you even know the weirdos you’re letting in your house?

Gay Town is best night out in Liverpool

The number one clubbing mistake is going out with the straights

Allerton is by far the best place to live in Liverpool

It’s underrated