Jen Bullimore

Jen Bullimore
Liverpool University


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Best places to cry on campus

If you didn’t cry once a day, did you even do a dissertation?

Lark Lane is the best street in Liverpool

Let me talk to you about Keith’s

It’s time to admit it: the Liverpool docks are overrated

What are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

We applied for the University Challenge Team: it’s harder than it looks

We just wanted to meet Paxman

The best places to mourn for America on campus


Justin Bieber apologised for being a dick to his Liverpool fans

He kinda took it back straight after though

The Guild is holding trials for University Challenge and you could be on the team

Could you be the next Bretherton?

I’m 20 and still can’t ride a bike

It’s a character flaw, but I don’t care

The Best Places to Nap on Campus

Perfect places for a sneaky bit of shut eye

Cava is the best drink for predrinks

Get out of here with your vodka and coke

Being a basic bitch isn’t always a bad thing

You’re as basic as chicken nuggets and you know it

Stop scheduling lectures at opposite ends of campus

Do you think I’m Usain Bolt?

From Smithdown to the Sherrington: the nine stages of a dreaded 9am

“I would’ve been on time if it wasn’t for the roadworks”

Arts vs Science: which is harder to make friends in?

Is your nine grand a year buying you any friends?

Essays are a written representation of your tortured soul

They are a physical manifestation of your inner strife.

You’re doing life wrong if you wear a coat on a night out

Baby, it’s cold outside

Forget Liverpool ONE, St. John’s is the place to buy everything

They even have a food court, come on

Why is everyone wearing ripped jeans?

It’s too cold in Liverpool

It’s never too early for Christmas

 Christmas is a lifestyle choice, not a day

Why is everyone so obsessed with the Scouse brow?

Fleek on Fleet Street

Stuff your deep house, cheese nights are the true essence of UK clubbing

Who doesn’t want to get down and dirty to the Cheeky Girls?