The Guild are bringing back their #GuildWish Xmas Campaign

Hey @LiverpoolGuild, I wish for a date with all the rugby team

Liverpool Fashion Soc are hosting a Fashion Show at the Guild

They’re strutting their stuff for Teenage Cancer Trust and Coppafeel

You have three days left to stand as a NUS delegate for Liverpool

What happens if someone who hates the NUS gets in?

The Guild are taking down the ‘Ban Pro-Life’ petition from their website

They say that banning it violates the university free speech policy

Shutting down the ‘Pro-Life Society’ isn’t liberal — it’s the exact opposite

‘No longer is the university an open, tolerant, marketplace of ideas, but a huge, stifling bubble’

A petition has been started to ban Liverpool pro-life society

The Guild President has released a statement

Tuition fees are going up but our campus isn’t getting better

Where are the lecture streams, Harry?

Welcome Week wristbands are on sale now

Professor Green and Cascada are headlining

Guild DP shows us his cheekbones modelling for Liverpool clothing brand

Jack your body

The Tab Tries: Reenactment Society

It’s fun and educational

Guild sandwich thieves steal from Help the Homeless Society

It’s been happening since February

LMSS Scandal: Student Medics request formal proceedings against University

‘The Petitioners’ claim that the University has failed to comply with its own regulations and have complained to the Ombudsman for Higher Education.

UPDATES: Breakdown of The Guild Election results

Sean won because he had fabulous eyebrows

Guild prepares for Cream at Mountford Hall by hiring sniffer dogs

Lucky for you they also said they’d be giving out free water

Re-enactment Society given £400 by Guild to buy a tent

Other societies, such as FemSoc, received nothing

The Guild is hosting Take Me Out for charity

Looking for your soulmate?

The Guild are hosting a vintage fashion charity show

There’s a free cocktail in it for ya too

Medigate continues: Guild releases statement about why they axed LMSS

Basically because of girls, boys and money

Medigate scandal: Medic sets up petition to oust Guild President

It currently has over 100 supporters

The uni gym is free over the exam period

They’re even doing massages for a tenner