Nightlife street style for the start of semester

The fashion police are back

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With the stress of exams finally over, everyone’s out and dressed to impress.

Liverpool city centre is defined by its vibrant personality and culture. Those who caught the eye managed to capture this in their choice of attire.


Psychology student Zoi

The white crop top works well here against the dark blue skirt; typically colours predominant during the summer but this outfit manages to bring a flare to the arctic conditions of Liverpool.


Orthoptics student Vicky

Pop Culture is ingrained into fashion and has recently reached a new peak of popularity among Students, this look works well and is the perfect combo for dozens of ‘selfies’ throughout the night.

The pencil skirt adds a touch of finesse and the heeled-gladiator sandals make it incredibly easy to spend the night strutting it out on the dance floor.


This dreamy duo are not to be messed with, the playsuit is playful and shows just enough skin to turn heads. She completes the look with a pair of boots and black clutch. You can never go wrong with pink!

These lovely ladies managed to keep all eyes on them. The lady on the left opted for an orange halter top, completing the look with a very tight black pencil skirt and a black clutch!

Her partner in crime went for darker colours with simple navy top and navy shorts embellished with white glitter sequins to bring just enough sass.


Mr Grey eat your heart out

This blazer, jean (and cracking beard) combo makes this look a bit more casual and feel-free for a student night out in Liverpool.


Yasmin a Computing and Philosophy student.

By far my favourite look.

This outfit, from the mosaic patterned shorts to the high neck crop top, manages to work well. Plus the jazzed up purple hair gets bonus fashion points! She manages to pull this off effortlessly.

I think it’s fair to say the students of Liverpool definitely brought their A-game in the fashion department and lived up to the city’s reputation. They’ve managed to brave the weather but still look great, so well done to all.