Home of Medication and Cream set to be demolished today

Medication will never be the same

Nightlife street style for the start of semester

The fashion police are back

What your favourite night out says about you

I bet this all sounds familiar

New year new Med: #MedFriday is now a thing

Has LEVEL stolen Med’s crown?

Post-mortem of student who died after a night at Medication was inconclusive

Family ‘absolutely devastated’ by her shock passing

A girl has died after a night out at Medication

A post-mortem is being carried out to establish the cause of death

My week without make-up

I didn’t wear make-up for seven days and other girls were less bitchy to me

Halloween Street Style: Medication

We went to Med and saw lots of students dressed scarily.

Why Med Is So Worth It

Halloween Med is tonight, and you definitely SHOULD go.

Why Med is so not worth it

Overpriced entry, monumental queues, and appalling music. Why does anyone even go to Med?

Wednesday Night Street Style: Medication

Got drunk, remembered my phone had a camera circa 2am.