Ten completely immature ways to spend your study breaks in the library

The grey walls of the Harold Cohen library are enough like an asylum, instead of going stir-crazy, try to brighten up every break with a few of these childish ideas.

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‘Tis the season to have a total crisis: nowhere really feels like home, your head is about to explode from staring aimlessly at your lectures and you’re about to throttle the boy next to you whose phone is getting more action than you did the entire first year.

Worst of all is the endless revision and essay-craft which has forced you to chain yourself to a desk, because nobody can really work from home.

Study breaks are essential during exam season, and its crucial that you make the most of them. So, rather than sitting outside and struggling to muster the urge to run back home (or anywhere but campus), try our childishly fun ways to enjoy your breaks in the library.

#1 Build a Fort

If the staff find you, at least you’ll have a wall to take cover under

Primitive social contact, total immersion in books and living off spaghetti hoops is enough to reduce anyone to infancy. Making a fort with an endless supply of books (that nobody really uses) is a perfect chance for banishing those revision blues. The balancing act can prove timely and difficult but with an eye for a good ‘brick’ – you can really be proud of your book-based erection.

#2 Photocopy Your Bum

Any body part will do – but some are just ballsier than others

We’ve all done this in an office – or at least at home – but the library takes guts. Even at night, every room is occupied and each photocopier in sight of a full audience of bored students. So give them something to look at… just try not to get caught on CCTV.

#3 Play Hide and Seek

Caught in the act

You’d never realised but the library is a great place to hide out – a favourite haunt is the store basement. Play a traditional kids game blind man’s buff, sleeping lions or sardines. Attempt musical chairs at your own risk, the wrath of stressed students is not all fun and games.

#4 Find the Naughty Pictures in Books

Art for some, but funny for everyone else

Most students of the arts (especially Classics) will have come across a fair few cheeky photos in their books. For a quick and mildly entertaining break, find them and casually move them in the view of your victim – watch them squirm or appreciate the saucy snap.

#5 Sleep

Better than the beds at Carnatic!

Its old but it’s a classic. Sleep deprivation is common with stress so make the most of any tiredness and take your break. With a multitude of options on campus just pick your spot, bring your teddy and suck your thumb – there is no shame in a good nap,  you only face envy from your observers.

#6 Run Like the Wind

Pull up your socks and get hench during your break

Remember in the playground when you ran until your legs collapsed under you? Whether it was from the school bully, or to avoid being in goal, nothing else was on your mind but being as fast as possible. Exercise will get you outside of the library, clear your mind and apparently improve your ability to learn and remember. Try it out in Abercromby Square, maybe even create your own DIY gym because let’s face it, the uni gym is a rip off.

#7 Bring on the Board Games

Entourage … the only board game the hipsters in the SJ can handle

If Monopoly is your game of choice, your study break may turn into a marathon but at least you’ll learn something about capitalism. Try to break up your game between work – apparently optimum revision length is 40mins on and 20mins off – you’ll get Mayfair and Park Lane in no time.

#8 Move Other People’s Stuff

The library is constantly packed, and you are not responsible for any actions taken whilst somebody has left their shit over two desks worth of stuff for over an hour. The Library’s Twitter is even encouraging this with so-called ‘parking tickets’. So do us all a favour in your break – move their stuff and hide it in the toilet, the book hold section or even outside – at least then you might get seats by a plug!

#9 Make a Human Barbie

Pretty in pink… but maybe not the best manicure for typing

The majority of students willingly enter the library bare-faced, trackie-laden and hair unbrushed. For your break, plait your hair or do your nails in your favourite glittery shades. Better yet, offer your companions a makeover – i’m sure some one in the library will be eager for a break and a new look to accompany their ‘i just got up’ ensemble. The only issue will be  storage  so remember to pack your bag  carefully, nobody wants lipstick in their lunch.

#10 Read a Tab Article

You’ve already made it to the hotspot for procrastination and breaks. Pick an article and then don’t stop clicking on the links, scouring stories for a face you recognise. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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