Cristina Criddle

Cristina Criddle


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I pierced my belly button to look like Britney, and I’ve been hiding it ever since

It wasn’t meant ironically

My shifts as a shot girl

Horrible bosses, painful shoes and a lot of pervy men

Can anyone identify the sarni stasher?

Perhaps they were doing a sandwich course

Which sex position is your university?

We’ve all got our favourite sex positions, but are you nailing the right one for your uni?

The Guild is selling incredibly lame Christmas jumpers

The shit jumper epidemic has hit LGOS

‘It’s just like page three but we move’: Two girls spend their first night in a strip club

We got down and dirty in a strip club, talking to girls about relationships, feminism and obviously taking their clothes off for money.

Rugby league ladies strip off in their raunchy naked calendar

Baring all in the name of charity

Single people make up half of Liverpool

We’re the 6th most single city in the UK

The Kaz won’t get kut, for now

Panic over, The Kazimier and Cream have been saved

Medics face disciplinary action following sexist smoker script

LMSS have been banned from the guild until an investigation has been completed

Blantyre Road’s bog needs a blind

Tired of being the butt of their jokes

Liverpool is the greatest uni of all time… ever

Struggling to find an institution with smarts, style and culture? Calm down, love.

A girl has died after a night out at Medication

A post-mortem is being carried out to establish the cause of death

You’re better off at Asda: Staff deliver Halloween baby in Smithdown Road supermarket

A woman went into labour while shopping at 1.30am

TabTV: Booze News

Because who doesn’t want to be asked about politics on their night out?

Who are the people paying to see Made in Chelsea in nightclubs?

Some do pull them, to be fair

Fresher savaged by Twitter trolls after trying to publicise charity

Fresher was bombarded with hateful tweets after tweeting a Sun article to the University account

‘I can still smell the dead people’: My horror in Gaza

Meet the Law undergrad whose life as a student in Liverpool is very different to his home in war-torn Gaza

Langdale lifters strike second student home in a week…and make off with £4,500 of stuff

They even took their asthma inhalers

Burglars ransack house on Langdale Road

Over £3,500 worth of goods were stolen after robbers broke in through an open window

You’ve got into uni – now all you need to do is join The Tab

Why joining The Tab Liverpool is the only thing you should be doing this September

Meet the new Liverpool Tab editors you’ll love to hate

The Times They Are a-Changin’ – as one chapter of Tab history sadly comes to a close, the scene is set for a new generation of campus big-mouths.

The definitive list of people revising for exams

We are all these people

Ten completely immature ways to spend your study breaks in the library

The grey walls of the Harold Cohen library are enough like an asylum, instead of going stir-crazy, try to brighten up every break with a few of these childish ideas.

Liverpool John Moores University to introduce ‘Scouse Studies’ degree

LJMU have plans to start a ‘Scouse Studies’ which will teach students all about the vast history of Liverpool.

Who is Liverpool’s biggest badass? Vote now!

The University of Liverpool boasts a reputation of students who can’t help but break the rules and be ridiculously cool. Here our ten alumni competing for the prestigious title of ‘Liverpool’s Biggest Badass’. Students, decide who’s our coolest graduate.

The Tab reveals: the mystery candidate

The Tab has uncovered our mystery candidate who has been baffling voters and candidates alike all week. Here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Callum Lee Doherty – featuring actual picture of his face.

No make-up nomination: the new craze where women post selfies without any slap on

New “nominate” trend willing women everywhere to lay it bare and go without make-up

How Scouse are you?

Can you separate the born ‘n’ bred Scousers from the skanky wools? Take our quiz – a true test of who’s boss and who’s not.

Activists go AWOL on International Women’s Day

Protesters chain themselves to building on IWD, protesting sexual inequality in government cuts

Scouse Slang: an eeeee-asy alphabet

If you’d like to learn an edgier language than Spanish, try your hand at a bit of Scouse. You might even pass for a Liverpudlian local

10 ways to ruin Valentine’s Day

February 14th can hold a lot of unfulfilled expectations. Here are some sure-fire ways to mess it up.

My week without make-up

The Tab’s Cristina Criddle bares all for a week, attempting to give up make-up for seven days

University of Liverpool Vice Chancellor earns more than the Prime Minister

University leaders under fire after upping their salaries while their staff face harsh pay cuts

Sentenced: the university manager who strangled her own mother to death

Liverpool uni worker sentenced to 10 months after choking her mother to death

5 People You Turn Into During Exams

Exams are an inescapable part of University – here are five inevitable characters you will come across during exams

The Tab’s Edge-o-Meter

Because if you’re really edgy, you need a quiz to confirm it for you…

A Sober Night Out at Envi

You voted Envi the worst night out, so we tried it sober…

The Tab Meets … Re-Enactment Society

The Tab tries their hand at some old school fighting

The Best Places to Sleep on Campus

Tired of trying to find a place to have a quick nap before your next lecture? Look no further, as The Tab brings you their top sleeping spots.

15 hilarious ways you know you’re in Liverpool

Got a lorra’ love for Liverpool? The Tab shows you why Liverpool is, hands down, the funniest place to live.

A Week in GIFs

The Tab brings you this week’s dramas in GIF form.

Five ways to get drunk on a Fiver

Too broke to go out tonight? The Tab teaches you how to get drunk for a fiver.

Carnage in Tweets

Fights, face-paint and clowns fucked off their faces … it must be another Carnage.

It’s Getting Hot in Here – Nelly Crashes Med

AU at Aura last night? You missed out! Nelly crashes Med for an impromptu set after performing at the Echo Arena.

The Tab’s Scouse night out

Strictly Scouse Alex shows the Tab how to pass for a Liverpudlian.


The Tab will try anything for your enjoyment … even yoga in 42 degree heat.

Tab Totty

We lurked around campus to bring you the latest totty.

The Tab’s Guide to Liverpool Nightlife

The ultimate low down on where to go each night of the week

What I Won’t Miss About Halls

Do you look back on halls with fond memories? This ex-fresher doesn’t. Here’s why halls suck.

How to Get 40%

Can you count the number of lectures you’ve been to this semester on one hand? You need our help…

Discoteca Poca

We hit up Discotec Poca, complete with toadstools and caravans.

Toilet Crap-fitti

Inspirational words for when you’re having a piss.

Discoteca Poca Competition

Win tickets to the next Discoteca Poca!

Is Feminism still on the V-agenda?

Feminists on campus took to whiteboards to help spread their message around campus

Fuck Valentine’s Day

Alone on Valentine’s Day?

Student Cribs: Battle of the Bank

Roscoe and Gladstone, Derby and Rathbone – are these halls really full of Greenbank Wankers?

Help! Beatlemania is back

What better way to celebrate 50 years of Liverpool’s greatest cultural export by visiting The Beatles’ old haunts?

Halloween Haunts

It’s that time of the year where you can rip up your clothes, don some fake blood and scream like a banshee, but where do you take you antics? Here’s The Tab’s guide to a gory night of mayhem.

The Sober Fresher’s Challenge

Fresher’s week: a daunting time for new students to put their drinking, dancing and socialising abilities to the test.