Students accuse Harold Cohen staff of giving out library ‘parking tickets’ while students attended the one minute’s silence

Students have labelled the incident as appalling

How to seduce your SJ bae

We’ve all got one

The SJ answered all of our questions

They found a used condom in a baguette once

The printers aren’t working in the Sydney Jones… again

£9,000 for what?

We went to the Harold Cohen for the first time

Do you even go here?

UoL leaves students angry after technical difficulties with timetables

The university eventually released a statement on Liverpool Life

The SJ is a PokémonGo Gym

Good luck with revising in there now

The library is giving out loyalty cards for free coffee


The ultimate showdown: where is the best place in the library?

We all know everyone hates the Harold Cohen anyway

The SJ is providing colouring in materials to help with exam stress

It’s all pictures of cats

The Best Places to Nap on Campus

Perfect places for a sneaky bit of shut eye

The Sydney Jones revision drinking game

Get smashed, it’s the only way

I wouldn’t be able to get a 2:1 without Drake

He’s better than a supervisor. He’s better than a tutor. He’s Aubrey.

Keeping up with Kyle: Why does everyone have a MacBook?

If you ain’t got a MacBook you ain’t a real student…apparently.

The SJ has been evacuated

Everyone’s huddling in Abercromby Square

People who socialise in the library are the spawn of Satan

We don’t want to hear about how mad last night was

Library staff issue fatal warning to Architecture students

Uh oh

The library have made a boss exam motivation playlist

Aren’t they the best?

How to decorate your house on the cheap this Christmas

From baggie baubles to takeaway menu paper chainz

International students: We need to give them a break

You never complain about your friends from Jersey swamping the SJ