Printing credits: the student wallet’s arch nemesis

Why the current printing credit system ought to be changed.

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In a world crippled by economic disparity and the poverty of millions, the financial  strains experienced by university students in accessing printing facilities is hardly going to be at the top of any list of anti-establishment priorities.

But you don’t have to be Che Guevara reborn to have a good old moan about the cost of printing in your library…

Picture the scene: with just twenty minutes remaining until your essay deadline, you make your way to the printer with the finish line in sight. But, oh, hold on a second… you have insufficient funds to complete this transaction. You have no spare change and not anticipating such an untimely obstacle you chose to leave your room without your debit card.

That’s right, you’re snookered.

One of the many printers looking all moody & merciless.

One of the many printers looking all moody & merciless.

Admittedly, such a scenario would require a Shakespearian accumulation of chance misfortunes, but it is not outside the realms of possibility.

At a minimum rate of 5p per sheet, the cost of printing can often be surprisingly expensive. When four thousand word essays are made even more paper-consuming by requirements such as double-spacing, size twelve font and the obligation to hand in two copies, the completion of coursework soon becomes a financial trouble as well as an academic concern.

When asked about the issue, students of the university voiced similar concerns.

Second year student Chris Linnell said: “tuition fees should cover most costs to be perfectly honest”.

A fresher who wishes to remain anonymous adopted a more forgiving approach, stating: “I think the university should offer a certain amount of printing credits free at the start of every academic year.

“With the fees being as high as they are it would be a fair compromise.”

An example of a student wallet post printing.

An example of a student wallet post printing.

With this in mind and in the name of mutual understanding, I suggest a reformation of the current system…

All accessed work should be printed free of charge, while all other printing should be charged at the current rate of 5p per sheet.

Coursework and assignments are an obligation, after all. Students don’t choose to print heaps of documents out of undying love for being assessed or to satisfy the needs of a freshly-inked A4 fetish.

We really should not be charged for a process we are obliged to complete.

The ability to print accessed work, along with access to IT facilities and books, is a student necessity and should not be offered as a service of additional cost.

I hope this article has aroused your passions for protest. I look forward to seeing campus awash in an ocean of rebellion in the coming days.

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