Adam Payne
Editor, The Tab Liverpool

Dale Moore is your BNOC of the year

Over 1,000 of you voted

Dixy Chicken is the greatest takeaway in Liverpool

Screw Chesters

BNOC of the Year: The final showdown

No fun and games now

‘Where civilisation goes to die’: Your beloved Liverpool according to TripAdvisor

Bloody keyboard warriors

80s club Reflex is closing down forever

One less place to hear Living On A Prayer

Knife-wielding 20 year old tasered by police on Gainsborough Road

Seven police cars were on the scene

Group B: BNOC of the year nominations

Just look at their faces, you already know them

Smithdown bus crash victim ‘looked the wrong way’

The Spanish student was killed in February

Our new Vice Chancellor Janet Beer earns £110k less than old boss Sir Howard Newby

Beer will make £250k per year

Sigma will headline the Guild Summer Ball

With support from Foxes and Neon Jungle

It’s official: We are better than JMU at pretty much everything

This is based on real research

Council approves massive Greenbank project plans

Good job since they’ve already knocked it down

Library raked in a whopping £21,000 in fines since August

Must have been some bloody good books

Are you ready for the big Varsity?

‘Give them nothing, take from them everything’ – King Leonidas

The Tab Liverpool needs a new editor: Fancy it?

Imagine the power

24 hour Paddy’s Day party shut down after boozy brawl in street

Six people were arrested for ‘breach of peace’

Guild election voting opens today

You will be asked to vote lots of times

Meet Liverpool’s own self-proclaimed pick-up artist

He got two numbers in ten minutes

Central Teaching Labs closed due to huge power cut

Some lectures have been cancelled

Man in critical condition after brutal Concert Square assault

The victim was found in an alleyway near to Level and Walkabout

REVEALED: The perks and expenses the University don’t want you to know about

Like £50k on flights and hotel rooms

Eye guru puts an end to ‘The Dress’ debate

That is if you can make sense of what he’s saying

The mouldy cheesecake of Carnatic

Mary Berry would not approve of this soggy bottom

Garlands shut down for three months after huge drugs bust

Six bags of Mkat were found behind the bar

I still can’t whistle and it’s ruining my life

… and everyone knows humming is for losers

Liverpool’s winning streak over in Uni Challenge as Oxford nerds smash them

The team will have another chance to reach the semis

Police raid house on Smithdown as part of murder investigation

No arrests were made

UPDATE: Holmes street shooting victim named

17-year-old Kevin Wilson was murdered in a ‘targeted attack’

BREAKING: Man shot dead near Smithdown Road

The incident took place near Toxteth cemetery

The Guild are inviting you to voice your concerns at their student debates

Just let it all out

EXCLUSIVE: Two Door Cinema Club to DJ at Bumper

It’s going to be a sell out

Liverpool is one of the the most international universities on Earth

London universities are bossing it though

The Guild is going to lobby politicians for you

If you care

It’ll Be-er okay: First female Vice Chancellor to replace Newby

Sir Howard’s days are numbered

Fresher caught in bizarre drink driving incident on Christmas Day

She drunkenly drove to the cash point to get money to pay for her taxi

New year new Med: #MedFriday is now a thing

Has LEVEL stolen Med’s crown?

Liverpool’s research ranked top 20 in UK

We also have six subjects in the top 10

Eighty year old Eric graduates from Liverpool Uni with a masters of law

The former copper got bored of retirement

Your favourite bachelorette: the results

You’ve voted en masse

Kennny kidnapper wanted for £5,000

A manhunt is on for ‘Scouse Jay’ after he kidnapped a woman in October

Here are two guys brawling on the street in their boxers

Would we lie to you?

Good tidings we bring to you and your Quinn: Engineer sent over £3,000 worth of goods by Amazon

His dad wants the tablet, but he’s not going to give it him for free

Shocking figures show homophobic abuse has drastically risen

Figures reveal worrying trend

Staff strike called off after pension talks are planned

A break-through has been made after threat of escalation

Second suspected case of Meningitis at Hope University

The news comes just weeks after Alisha Bartolini died because of the virus

No cash? No Santa Dash: Annual race to leave Liverpool after council row

Race organiser “dismayed” by council demands

Meningitis caused death of girl after night in Medication

Alisha is the latest British student to die as a result of the illness

Liverpool remains an unemployment capital

Over a quarter of households have no-one in work

What do the locals think of us students?

We’re alright, aren’t we?

Do you care staff are boycotting marking?

We asked you how you feel about the latest round of strikes

Are we right to be annoyed by Bill Clinton’s honorary degree?

University officials flew across the Atlantic to give the ex-President his degree

Post-mortem of student who died after a night at Medication was inconclusive

Family ‘absolutely devastated’ by her shock passing

The Tab tries Blair Witch

Except we didn’t really, we went ghost hunting

Controversial Hillsborough cop has honorary degree delayed

The Commissioner is under investigation for misconduct on the night of the tragedy

Who wants to see a de-kegg video?

The old-school craze is back and on the streets of Liverpool

There is a tree on FIRE on Smithdown Road

No joke, check out the video

Student pets: Say hello to Binky

Look at this bag of furry fun

Magnet turns itself into a comedy club in an attempt to revive its dwindling reputation

Because clearly being a nightclub isn’t working

Arrest on South Campus: teenager tackled off bike and led away in cuffs

Students catch sight of boy being removed from university grounds in handcuffs

The Tab tries: Zombie Infection

We swapped keyboards for shotguns to take on one of the city’s latest crazes.

Couple stabbed to death minutes away from campus and halls

Their son has been arrested

Street Style: Juicy vs Pause

The academic year may be coming to a close however The Tab’s very own fashion philosophers refuse to pack away their microscope and notepads.

Manchester is way better than Liverpool

What does he know

Library revision guide part 2: How to survive the sauna

The ‘hell’ of revision has taken on a whole new meaning as work in the libraries begins for the up-and-coming exams. It is bloody boiling. However, do not fear…

Group work: the bane of a student’s life

‘It is a really easy way of getting marks’ – Oh, is it really?

Payne vs. Butler

Guild President Sam Butler talks to the Tab’s Adam Payne about the SRO elections; giving his take on why disinterest is the overwhelmingly popular mood in 2014.

Popworld = Flopworld

The Tab’s resident misery-guts Adam Payne has his say on the marmite of Liverpool nightclubs.

Another results day, another IT horror show

We have no reason to tolerate this latest display of ineptitude.

To tattoo or not to tattoo?

This issue really isn’t given enough thought.

Carnage Liverpool: It’s really not an issue.

Debunking the alarmist narrative once and for all.

Valentine’s gifts: practical is the new passionate

If you want to win the heart of a special someone through a gift this week, ignore cliché and embrace the genuinely useful. You’ll thank me…

Three cheers for Faculty!

Why this sweaty shed of a bar is undoubtedly an integral part of any night out.

Printing credits: the student wallet’s arch nemesis

Why the current printing credit system ought to be changed.

The anti-1D express needs derailing

Why hating the likes of One Direction for the sake of hating them is fast becoming the most irritating sentiment in music

Library Revision: The Survival Guide

It’s a tough world out there