Three’s A Crowd

Success at AU:drunken snaps and a cheeky little foursome (you heard).

au club concert square drinking Revs Walkabout

Last AU before Easter and Concert Square once again became an unidentifiable mass of drunken students celebrating their latest sporting victories.

Wednesday afternoon granted several teams success in their matches, and with BUCS League drawing to a close, AU really was the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Appropriate theme for a sport night

And what better way to do this than by getting on it at 8pm and hitting Revs hard until the early hours.

Despite winning matches in the afternoon, everyone was still out to score some talent as Revs’ lethal shots took over and the place descended the infamous totty spot it is.

Whoever took the great advice on how to pull at AU was definitely guaranteed a top shag.

And it seems a lucky foursome did indeed.  Sources tell us a lucky four had the night of their lives…


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