Valentine’s Day Songs for Every Mood

(And we mean every mood…)


Everyday I Love You Less and Less by the Kaiser Chiefs

For those who are not so loved-up this year. In fact, this is for those that are bordering on hatred. It’s a harsh start, but this song is like ripping off a plaster….except the Kaiser Chiefs drag out the message, meaning it is satisfyingly painful for whoever you happen to imagine is on the receiving end.


Talk Dirty To Me by Poison

For those that Valentine’s Day has a very specific use for….lots of sex. This is your time to be as raunchy as you like because it will only appear to be a Valentine’s treat. Just keep it down a little for the rest of us, yeah?


Dude Looks Like a Lady by Aerosmith

For those that are confused. This is a very dark and testing time of year for many people, just don’t do a Steve Tyler and mistake genders. That could get messy.


Love Love, Kiss Kiss by Alkaline Trio

The title appears soppy, but it is most definitely ironic. A favourite lyric has to be “you’re making me sick, I wish you’d just stop” about public displays of affection. So if you’re feeling bitter and are sick of seeing people loved up, tell them to get a room and then have a rant with Alkaline Trio.


All By Myself by Celine Dion

So predictable, but so appropriate for those that are – well – all by themselves. Don’t be lonely. If you are, you’ll just be wallowing in it like Celion Dion. And Bridget Jones. Maybe you could just do something about it? But the song is there if you cannot be bothered.


Love in an Elevator by Aerosmith

For those who take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for becoming experimental. Let’s not go too far into this one. Go crazy, it’s only once a year. Just try not to get arrested….


Babe I’m Gonna Leave You be Led Zeppelin

For those who are feeling particularly evil and refuse to adjourn to the Valentine’s conventions. Just a suggestion….but maybe it can wait one more day?


You Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

For those feeling all soppy and loved up. It is Valentine’s after all.


Smile Like You Mean It by The Killers

And to finish, this is a song for those who just want to get through the day, no matter what it takes. Including pretending you love somebody so that you’re not on your tod. And they say romance is dead.


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