Guild relocates for refurb… and don’t we know it

LGOS announce temporary move to make way for £10m improvements

The £10 million investment in LGOS has begun and our beloved Guild is moving across campus to Abercromby Square.

The Guild officers have been working hard to make sure that we know all the details of their move with a pretty relentless poster and social media campaign.

Vision of the new Guild – complete with transparent trees and chilled out students 

While some of their services are staying put, others are relocating and travelling the ‘500 steps’ to No. 9 Abercromby Square.

A licensed bar and café will operate out of the new location as well as the Guild reception, with the move planned for December 14th.

This slightly patronising video answers all your un-asked questions with a massive amount of expressive arm flailing:

The Guild are also hosting a leaving party to celebrate/commiserate about their relocation.

Tickets to ‘I WAS THERE’ can be bought at the Guild reception.

The £10 million being invested in LGOS should provide ‘a much more usable space, which will have a long lasting positive impact on the experience of students at the University of Liverpool.’

At least the message is getting across.