Lincoln students’ most questionable tattoos

Do you need a questionable tattoo to join the skate society? Asking for a friend…

Tattoos, you know those things that stay on your skin for life? Well, Lincoln students have some questionable ones to say the least.

For those of you not lucky enough to have seen one of these weird, wacky or just poorly executed tattoos around campus, here are some of our favourites.

Who needs a professional when you can buy a tattoo gun on Amazon?

A cartoon duck next to a leaf.

Starting off strong we have Philosophy student, and skate society member, Patrick. He said: “The duck was the first tattoo I tried to do myself after buying a tattoo gun, followed shortly by the leaf which was done as a bet with friends.”

Is it an animal skull or a uterus? We’ll let you decide…

An animal skull tattoo with horns.

Photo: Oliver Gardner.

This questionable tattoo belongs to art student and skate society member Oliver. They said: “My friend wasn’t exactly sober when he gave me the tattoo. It’s supposed to be an animal skull but my brother’s girlfriend asked me why I have a uterus tattooed on my arm”.

The ‘I went on a lads holiday to Ayia Napa’ tattoo

The word 'Goblin' tattooed on a thigh.

Masters student Adam has been walking around with the word ‘goblin’ tattooed on his thigh since he was 19-years-old. Adam said: “It happened on holiday in Ayia Napa with my mates. One morning I woke up very hungover and my mates said I looked like a goblin because of how rough I looked. The name stuck for the rest of the holiday and my mates kept trying to convince me to get it tattooed. Probably the worst decision of my life to date.”

A rose or a cabbage, what do you think?

A rose tattoo on someones shoulder.

Mechanical engineering student and skate society member (I’m seeing a pattern here), Rob has this questionable tattoo. He said: “It’s meant to be a rose but it looks like a cabbage.”

Smiley vs Sad 

A faded smiley face on the left hand and a faded sad face on the right hand.

Third year health and social student Sammy has a smiley face and a sad face tattooed on each hand. She said: “Me and my friends were really drunk and got our stick and pokes out. It was silly, but it turned out to be a very nice moment and we all connected, so whenever I see the tattoos I think how nice that was.”

The skateboarding guitar??

A guitar with a skateboard going through the middle.

This tattoo belongs to Sam, a product design student and skate society member – we know, another one! Sam said: “It’s questionable because I didn’t get it done properly, I didn’t let it heal, and I didn’t cover it.”

The ‘I’m going to get it covered up’ tattoo

A tattoo of an eye surrounded by tentacles, which were meant to look like sun rays.

Photo: Elisha Cant

Yet again another skate society member with questionable tattoo. First year mathematics student Elisha has this tattoo. She said: “It was one of the first tattoos I did on myself. It is supposed to be an eye in a sun, but the sun part is very unclear and looks more like octopus tentacles. I will be covering it up with a sunflower.”

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