In pictures: Hundreds of people gather at Lincoln Cathedral in solidarity with Ukraine

The candlelit vigil was held at Lincoln Cathedral last night

A candlelit vigil was held on Sunday at Lincoln Cathedral, standing in solidarity with the civilians and refugees of Ukraine. As the Cathedral looks over the city glowing in blue and yellow, the vigil welcomed hundreds of gatherers from across the city, with many lighting up the area with their own candles.

Matrim Arthur Cautron, the creator of the event, shared his thoughts on the crisis and why he decided to lead the event last night. He said: “In a word, solidarity. I think shows of solidarity can be a powerful thing. As with everything this government does, they talk big and they act small. Sanctions should have been much harder at the very start, the Russia report should have been enacted years ago and safe routes for refugees should have been instigated after the first bomb fell.”

The vigil comes after Russia launched a war on Ukraine last week with attacks by land and air. Protests and vigils have taken place across the country, showing their support for Ukraine.

Anna attended the vigil with her Ukrainian family members in support of her relatives who are currently in Ukraine. She said: “It breaks my heart to know what they’re going through. We’ve got close family there, my grandparents are currently sleeping in the metro because it’s safer than their own flat.”

No speeches were held, however there was a two minute silence held just before 7pm. Here are some photos of the vigil:

Lincoln Cathedral is lit up in Ukraine’s colours

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