Who is Charlotte Scott? Here are the people the buildings on campus are named after

I’m sorry, but who even are you?

We have all been there – that early 9am start where you are hungover from Quack and attempting to make your way into uni on time. You get to the building and start to enter but wait… In your hungover haze you stop for a second and think to yourself ‘who the hell is Nicola de la Haye and why does she have such a cool name?’

Problem solved! Here is a list of who the buildings on campus are named after – you’re so welcome.

1. Alfred Tennyson Building

Poets, eat your heart out. Not only was our guy one of the best Victorian poets, but he also became a Lord when Queen Victoria granted him barony in 1883. Who remembers studying ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ in English GCSE, am I right? He was also born in Lincolnshire, a man of our own.

2. Isaac Newton Building

Credit: Hayden Pollard

Apple guy! This is a figure I am sure absolutely no one has questioned. If you have scratched your head and wondered who Isaac Newton is, have you been living under a rock? A renowned mathematician and physician (can’t relate) it’s no wonder the Isaac Newton building is home primarily to physics students.

3. Nicola de la Haye Building

One of Lincolnshire’s own, Nicola de la Haye was the constable of Lincoln Castle in a time when women were not given such authorial roles. In 1216 she was recognised by King John, yes – the King, who then appointed her as Sheriff. Who knew?

4. David Chiddick Building

Not as exciting, per se, but the more you know, right? The Business and Law building is named after Lincoln’s former Vice-Chancellor.

5. Sarah Swift Building

Another girl-boss on the list is Sarah Swift. After World War One, Swift noticed that things in nursing needed to change. Subsequently, the College of Nursing was established in 1916.

6. Stephen Langton Building

Stephen Langton is another Lincolnshire local. His father owned a manor home in Lincoln, which is cool, but he grew up to serve as England’s Archbishop of Canterbury. He is most known for having beef over the Magna Carta dividing the books of The Bible into chapters – nice one, Stephen!

7. Janet Lane-Claypon Building

Another Lincolnian, Lane-Claypon’s claim to fame was being the first woman ever to gain a research scholarship from the British Medical Society. She published many a helpful book and specialised in epidemiology; for those of you that don’t know what that is, *cough cough* me, it is to do with the control of diseases.

8. Peter de Wint

An artist! Peter de Wint was born in Stoke-on-Trent (queue the ‘Dick and Dom in da Bungalow’ song) and moved to Lincoln where many of his landscapes are set. Who knew Lincoln had so many celebs?

9. Joseph Banks Laboratories

Born on the 13th of February, unlucky for some, 1743 in Lincolnshire, Banks grew ups to be a botanist – unfortunately though, he has nothing to do with The Botanist Cocktail bar. Truly devastating. At the age of 21, he became one of England’s richest men (my 21st birthday is only a few months away… my hopes are high). He went on his first voyage at 23 and collected many plant and animal species.

And who can forget the adorable Charles Darwin who opened the building?

10. Charlotte Scott Building

Another smarty-pants, Scott was one of the first women to graduate with a doctorate in maths. Being a pioneer for women in such areas is truly commendable, I’m sure we can all agree.

11. Minerva Building

It wouldn’t be a uni list without mentioning the Minerva building. While it isn’t named after anyone specific, and no it’s not named after Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter much to my dismay, a mythology aficionado could perhaps make a link. The Roman Goddess Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom, war, art, schools, justice and commerce – pretty fitting for the university hub, right?

And now you know. Next time you find yourself pondering the name of the building you’re in, ponder no more

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