What your study space on campus says about you

From procrastinators to perfectionists, our study habits can reveal a lot about who we are as students

As deadline season looms over us, the desperation to feel productive escalates as we scramble to campus in the hope of actually getting some work done. The burden of assessments can be shared as a community here, as there’s nothing more comforting than seeing someone else also crying over their essay.

Your study place of choice reveals what kind of person you are, as each of these places houses a certain kind of student through these challenging months ahead.


You love the chaos of studying with friends, but do you actually get any work done? Studying at Towers always ends in a few beers, a game or two of pool and work being completely abandoned. This is the perfect place for those who want to procrastinate without feeling guilty. After typing up your challenging 100 words, the question of ‘shall we go Union tonight?’ is always up for debate.

The Swan

You enjoy a casual atmosphere but with more of a cosy vibe. It’s likely you’re an English Lit student, as it’s the perfect place to read your books with its slight dark academia aesthetic. The Swan is often neglected as a study space and is a hidden gem, meaning you’re getting the sociable experience without the chaos of Towers. A no brainer really.


You’re a productive person that sticks to a strict timetable, squeezing every possible gap between seminars with study time. You never surrender and just go home. You probably submit your essays a day before the deadline and people constantly ask to copy your notes. You like to work alone and get annoyed easily by the distractions around you, so don’t go anywhere without your headphones. You likely listen to motivation playlists as you work to help you get into the zone.

94 Degrees Cafe

You are the mysterious local of Lincoln. Headphones in, Dr Martens on, writing the first chapter of your novel. Will definitely chip into your student loan just for a pic of your coffee to show everyone you’re a hard worker. You’re all about the study aesthetic and probably follow StudyTok pages on TikTok. You likely spend more time taking pictures than actually working and enjoy making study inspiration mood boards on Pinterest. However, you’re likely to bump into a few of your lecturers here, as teaching staff often share their lunch breaks here.

The Library

First/Second Floor

A meal deal is mandatory for this kind of study sesh. Your work is fuelled by pasta pots and vending machine snacks. The library makes you feel productive, but realistically you’re not getting more than 300 words written on your essay. You’re constantly distracted by all of the conversations on this floor and basically use it as a time to people watch. After wandering aimlessly through the aisles of books, you leave feeling satisfied that you did your best and it was worth the money you wasted on food.

The Library: Third Floor

You’re probably a third year or postgrad student who has sadly realised that uni isn’t all about drinking and making friends. You’re a serious lone worker and abysmal at group work. You always want to take charge and let the others slack off a bit, trusting in your talents alone. You are making that deadline no matter what, and always leave the library in the late hours of the evening. However, you are easily frustrated and will death glare anyone who rustles a wrapper.

Wherever you choose to study this year, make the most of the facilities Lincoln has to offer and test out what kind of student you really are.

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