Just a friendly reminder that a tortoise opened a Lincoln Uni building in 2015

Charles Darwin, you have my heart

Most new university buildings are opened by a local MP or the Vice-Chancellor, but in some cases, a tortoise will do the job just fine. In 2015, a tortoise named Charles Darwin officially opened the Joseph Banks Laboratories at the University of Lincoln.

The tortoise was joined on stage by naturalist Chris Packham and rightfully so, everyone was amazed. The tiny reptile bit open a ribbon made of rocket and dandelion leaves.

The video has since resurfaced and everyone is losing their heads about it all over again:

1. I second this

2. Right?!

3. Makes living in the middle of nowhere worth it

4. Get your tortoises at the ready!

5. Please respect my wishes at this time

6. He only deserves the best


8. Major

9. We all know it

10. Thank you SO much

11. Don’t we all

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