Clubbers of the week: We must be in heaven it’s week seven

Read this article if the passage of time is scaring you – only four weeks of the semester left…

While some of us have been on reading week and enjoying the bliss that is free laundry, free food and the comfort of a nice cosy bed, the rest of us have been attending masquerade balls and white t-shirt parties because there is no better way to celebrate counting down the weeks until Christmas.

To take your mind off those pesky essay deadlines that you should definitely be working on by now, why not peruse the best clubbing pics week seven has to offer and think about how much more enjoyable clubbing is than being on the third floor of the library.

Hero of the week


I can only give a round of applause

Runners up

Walking into a club to enjoy your night and then leaving with £500, can’t beat it

Only love for our Mr Bull

Creeper of the week


I don’t think anyone knows what is going on here

Runners up

Found the best angle there

Bit rude 🙁

I always feel like somebody’s watching meeee

Made the decision to jump into the photo or not too late

Heroine of the week


The top is everything, girlboss

Runners up

The best shit shirt I have ever seen

Third wheel of the week

Alexa play Latch by Sam Smith

Runners up

Definitely their flatmate who gets dragged out every time but loves it

Can’t tell who actually is the third wheel, but it’s someone

Props for going out with the girls

Stunner of the week


Happy birthday to this glam queen right here

Runners up

The most gorgeous smiles

The green coat, the smiles – how do I apply to be the fifth member of this friendship group??

Peace and pout, sweetie

Every blonde needs her brunette

Album covers of the week


Put your hands in the air like you don’t care

Runners up

Just gets better and better

WTF of the week


And the memo was..?

Runners up

A lot of questionable poses

*I’m going to scream in a pic to get put in the Lincoln Tab’s clubbers of the week*

Hey, um, camera’s this way

And again, the memo was what exactly?

Squad of the week


I ain’t ever been with a baddie energy

Runners up

Two more Hawaiian shirts and you could have won

You just know their flat hosts the best pres

If in doubt, peace and pout

The crossbody jumper combo never ceases to amaze me

Best of the rest

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axeholme Media Productions

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