Lincoln Clubbers of the Week: Feeling alive in Week Five

Deadlines who? I’ll be on the top floor x

While the temperatures in Lincoln have reached a UoL hoodie low, that hasn’t stopped you all from getting your glad rags on and making it to the best nights the city has to offer. Have you even looked at your assessments tab on Blackboard?

While deadlines are looming and you are trying so hard not to think about it at least you have these amazing photos to show for yourselves.

Stunner of the week


The red combo is everything

Runners up

Outfits on point

For always making solo pics the best there is

Smiles all round for these gals

Creeper of the week


He really wanted in on this wholesome moment

Runners up

A double creeper

Radiates burning house girl meme energy

Just wanted a selfie with Ronald McDonald :'(

Photobombing and looking amazing while doing it

Third wheel of the week


Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave

Runners up

This also has big creeper energy

Hero of the week


I just know everyone regrets misses out on Union

Runners up

Burger in one hand and always ready for a photo


Kudos for wearing those jackets all night

All the best songs have you busting out moves like that

Heroine of the week


The height difference is everything

Runners up

What an honour

Girlboss energy

WTF of the week


Halloween was last weekend, soz x

Runners up

It’s kind of legendary

What is with all the shouting ??

Shark of the week


We’ve all wanted to

Album covers of the week


Tune after absolute tune

Runners up

Ronald McDonald’s first EP anyone?

Big Olivia Rodrigo good 4 u vibes

Squad of the week

Why didn’t we all get the fancy dress memo??

Runners up

Ancient Greece social anyone?

All round good vibes from this group

You just know they would give you a hug if you were crying in the toilets

Best of the rest

Image Credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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