Clubbers of the week: Freshers’ Week 2021

Call your mum, you’re famous!

Every university has one, but I think no one quite does Freshers’ Week like a Lincoln student. You’re all a little bit mad, and who can blame you after waiting for so long to get back in the clubs? You’re eager to get in and show your new uni mates what you’re made of. And lucky for us, no nightclub is without its own photographers, ready to catch your highs, lows and all that lies in between.

Stunner of the week

Smiles all round with this lovely lot

Runners up

I will spend the rest of my weekend crying because my hair will never look this cool

These girls know their angles better than most

This lone ranger is living her best life and looking amazing while doing so

Creeper of the week

Getting your whole squad in on the photobomb is no easy task but these guys have finessed it

Runners up

Got to show off your VKs at any given opportunity to prove you’re a true fresher

This creeper knew her objective and wasn’t about to let a 6ft fresher get in the way of that

Third wheel of the week

“guys he came out just to see me – please can he tag along??”

Runners up

This guy did not catch the vibe

They don’t know him but let him stay for the Kanye shades

Wanker of the week

When your hype man takes it a bit too far

Runners up

We get it – you’re hard af

Have you never heard the phrase ‘don’t grab a bull by its horns’???

Hero of the week

He climbed the damn booth to get this photo – if that’s not hero behaviour idk what is

Runners up

Nothing but peace and love from this humble hero

They heard the phrase ‘wild in the city’ and ran with it

Bucket hats never looked so good

Heroine of the week

The fact these girls managed to keep their cowboy hats from pres to the club makes them the ultimate heroines

A special shout out to the make-up teams who elevated all of our looks

WTF of the week

Doesn’t know the guy on the left, hoping the photographer might have the answer

Runners up

There’s an imposter among us…

So is this how we’re posing for photos now?

Mutant of the week

I have a similar reaction when I find mushrooms on my pizza

Runners up

One jager too many, perhaps?

He thought this was hilarious at the time, but he’s definitely regretting it now

Album covers of the week

You know this album would be a bop

Runners up

Excuse me, Post Malone????

Not too sure what kind of music these guys would make but they look cool enough for me to want to listen to it anyway

Unhappy clubbers of the week

You’ve had one stein too many my friends

Runners up

She’s clearly very jealous of that guy’s flower necklace

The broken hand didn’t stop him from coming out, but his mate definitely thought otherwise

Shark of the week

Ah yes, classic Virgin Patrol

Runners up

Caught red-handed

If you cover half your face, no one will know it’s you

Squad of the week

This squad is living their best freshers’ life and I am here for the miscellaneous accessories

Runners up

These girls understood the assignment

Boys with cool shades – enough said

Best of the rest

This has the same energy as Michelangelo’s God and Adam

These boys are just here for the views

How many VKs can three freshers carry?

This squad know how to strike a pose

Image Credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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