The return of Lincoln Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Time to focus on uni, right? Right?!

Freshers’ Week is officially over and now we must focus on what we all came to do, go clubbing every day of the week and the occasional study session. With an entire week of club nights no one wants to miss out on, we have collected the best moments of the past week from Superbull to DIY Disco.

Have a scroll and see if you can spot yourself or anyone you know, and tag them!

Stunner of the week:

Good vibes all round

Runners up

Smiles all round

Living her best life

VKs always put a smile on your face

Stunners all round

Creeper of the week

It is the perfect photobomb

Runners up

They understood the assignment

Peace n love xo

He saw his opportunity and took it

5/10 for originality

Third wheel of the week

They could all be models

Runners up

Come on Mr Bull !!

He’s just trying to enjoy his drink as best as he can

Hero of the week

Bezzie mates with the bull what more could you want?

Runners up

Good vibes only

For the t-shirt and t-shirt alone

Heroine of the week

Living her best life as she should

Runners up

Flawless in every solo pic, how does she do it?

To be so lucky

WTF of the week

No better way to get a photo I guess?

Runners up

Getting steamy


Album covers of the week

You know this album would slap

Runners Up

Alexa, play Indie Pop

Only the best album has you with your hands up

Unhappy clubbers of the week

Lurking and lurking hard

Runners up


Squad of the week

Nothing better

Runners up

Hands in the air if you just don’t care

Squad up

Best of the rest



Peace n pout

Image Credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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