All the wonderful societies you should join this year

Go-karting? Sign me right up

In a few short weeks, Lincoln will be full of a cohort of brand new students at the start of their university journey. One of the best ways to meet new people and make new friends is through joining societies and getting involved in their socials and events. From baking and cooking to a Match of the Day society, there is a range of amazing societies for freshers to join this autumn.

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite societies, which we believe students will love to get involved in.

The Formula 1 Society

This brand new society has been made with the aim “of bringing Formula 1 fans closer together.” The society has “lots in store” planned for the upcoming academic year, including watching races together, go-karting sessions as well as the hopes of launching a podcast for their members and other to tune into.

UoL Switch Society

The switch society is an activities society for “all lovers of the Nintendo Switch”. They are in their second year of being a society, but this year will be their first in person.

Their sessions take place on Mondays, where they have multiplayer sessions of Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Overcooked, Animal Crossing and other games. They also host Mario Kart prize tournaments which become “very competitive”. Their Friday sessions are free multiplayer games including Among Us, Cards Against Humanity, and Jackbox.

The society will host taster sessions and a white t-shirt social ending at Quack on Wednesday 13th. “We would love for as many people to make the most out of the tasters and hopefully love what they see!”

UoL Neurodiversity Society

The University of Lincoln’s Neurodiversity Society aims to promote more neurodivergent friendly events within the Students’ Union, like silent discos. They will be holding a variety of events throughout the year to provide accessibility to all their members.

Such events will include visiting animals, trips to quieter places such as museums, and “holding movie nights that can provide headphones for neurodiverse students to listen at a more tolerable volume if they are sound sensitive.”

Cam Connolly is the president of the society, they said: “One of my personal aims this year as president is to provide a space where neurodiverse students could access within the campus that is quiet and allows them to stim or just relax as university can sometimes be an overwhelming place.”

UoL ABC Society

The ABC Society is a baking and cooking activities society that are planning on having a range of socials, visiting local places, live streaming baking and cooking shows, and learning kitchen hacks.

They plan to hold sessions including an event for Black History Month, a meet up to a cafe in Lincoln to break the ice. They are also holding a Pot Noodle competition for all students to get involved in.

“It’s jam-packed but we are doing this so students can be flexible with their schedules and every talk will have notes published in the society so even if you do miss something, you still have access to resources.”

The Debate Society

Lincoln’s Debate Society “provides a neutral, non-biased society for students to build confidence and improve on communication and persuasion skills. They will be hosting an array of activities, including speaking exercises including a boat/balloon debate.

Aaron Sahunta, president of the society said: “What people don’t understand about us until they join, is that we come from all walks of life and we are an inclusive group that can also make really good friends out of each other.”

UoL Fandom Society

Looking to join a group of people who are part of the same fandom as you? This is the society to join. The society was created so students can be themselves and come together “to nerd out” over their favourite books, shows and movies. “We welcome every level of fan, from the casual watcher or to the hardcore cosplayer.”

“Each member of our committee are fans of different fandoms, which helps ensure that we cover a variety of fandoms. We don’t just cover a variety of fandoms. We don’t just cover the big shows like Game of Thrones either, we love to do socials that focus on smaller and little known fandoms too.”

Their hopes for this year are to hold socials dedicated to Christmas fandoms, recreate their Game of Thrones capture the flag event and a childhood fandom night filled with nostalgia.

UoL Desi Society

The University of Lincoln’s Desi Society aims to create a comfortable and safe environment for South Asian students attending the university who can typically relate to one another, coming from the same culture yet different backgrounds.

The society is also open to non-South Asian students who wish to learn about the culture. They have upcoming events and social activities planned for the academic year, such as cooking nights, movie nights, trips to South Asian restaurants and more.

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