Seven things you need to do this Lincoln Freshers’ Week

From those of us who have been there before

Freshers’ Week, a story of new friends and some perhaps cringe memories we would rather not remember (thanks to the cheap alcohol though, I doubt this is ever a problem). It’s been almost two years since I started uni, although after the lockdown – parts one, two and three – it really doesn’t feel that long ago. And yes, you may think you know all there is to Freshers’ Week – but I promise you, getting wasted every night is not all there is. Although, that is most of it.

It’s easy to overthink this first week at uni. Figuring everything out from the nightlife to the sharing of fridge space, suddenly having all of this freedom to choose and do however you please can feel overwhelming. Where to begin? Luckily this may just help you solve this dilemma; here is a comprehensive list of seven things to do during Lincoln Freshers’ Week – from someone who has been there before.

1. When you first arrive, go for a stroll along the Brayford

As first impressions go, this point may sound a little lacking in drama. But, unlike this statement, the actual Brayford is far from disappointing. And, due to the pandemic, I doubt many of you managed to visit Lincoln in person. The Brayford is a key place for us Lincoln students. There’s the Barge (think cocktails but on a boat – just make sure to layer up if you end up on deck), plenty of restaurants, and the holy grail of any fresher’s night out – Spoons. Familiarising yourself with this space on your first day is always a good idea, there’s always one flatmate that needs to know the quickest route to a Nandos, why couldn’t that flatmate be you?

2. You need to go to at least one pres in Pavs if you don’t already live there

I’m not saying this just because my best nights out started with a pres at Pavs, but I’m not not saying it because of this either. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your best friends for life there (I’m just saying – go to pres. Always. Go. To. Pres.). They’re a five-minute drunken walk away from the Engine Shed too, so it just makes sense. Oh, and stop calling it ‘the pavillions’ as soon as you can. We will judge you for it (from a distance, of course, freshers are a scary species to older students).


I say this with the kind of passion you see from Gordon Ramsay when he finally gets a plate of perfectly cooked scallops. How can anyone go to uni and not take part in this insane event? Free stuff? Discount codes?? Dominos pizza deals to last a whole year. Lincoln Freshers’ Fayre never disappoints, the only way you will lose out is by not going. I repeat, free stuff!

4. Test your limits by climbing Steep Hill

This is the kind of challenge that I imagine will be incorporated into SAS: who dares wins someday. Take someone with you for moral support, but when the hiking starts don’t expect yourselves to be full of things to say. The first time I climbed this hill I was a child who didn’t know any better, the many layers I was wearing (because it was September, and the weather was unforgiving) suddenly felt like too much. Walking up Steep Hill is as much of a bonding moment for you and your new friends as holding their hair back after their first night at Quack.

5. Go to as many of the events the Students’ Union puts on as possible

This is perhaps the most obvious point I’ll make. But seriously, Lincoln Freshers’ Week is incredible. Even if you don’t get to every night out, try doing some of the daytime events instead. This is a great time to get to know all of the student nights that Lincoln has to offer, because – and take this from someone who accidentally went to Home on a non-student night during her second week of first year – the alternative can be quite pricy (I’m still not over how much I paid for a vodka coke that night, but I’m pretty sure I cried a little because of it).

6. Go to Towers

Towers (RIP to Tower Bar – we’ll never know why they changed your name) may seem like any other student sports bar. But trust me when I tell you, that place kind of felt like a second home to me and my friends by the time our first year ended. It’s a place that is perfect for any and every occasion. From pre-drinking to post-night out brunches – which are insanely well priced – Towers is a bar you can go to at any time of the day to take a break or have a laugh.

7. Find the swans

Swans are very important to Lincoln students. Whether you’re just passing the Brayford, or have gone to find some peace, finding the swans on your outing is guaranteed to make your day that bit better. First years may notice older students crowding on paths when a swan is doing some particularly endearing – like swimming, pruning itself, or just breathing in general. A note to freshers: leave your place a couple of minutes early if your walk includes a trip past the Brayford, because you will end up stopping to take a photo of them.

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