Missing your pets whilst at uni? Here is our animal lover’s guide to Lincoln

Swans can only do so much

University is done for another year and many of us may be staying in Lincoln over the summer for the unmatched vibes with your housemates. But there is one thing that your housemates can’t match and that is the bond between you and your pet.

Whether you are an animal lover, desperately wanting to see your dogs or cats back home or just looking for something to do whilst you’re still in Lincoln. Here is your animal lover’s guide to Lincoln.

Coffee Cats Lincoln

Situated on Silver Streets, you can get your animal fix by visiting the cutest cats in Lincoln. You can spend half an hour to an hour with these cats whilst accompanied by a hot drink and delicious cake.

To enjoy your time to the fullest you must follow the house rules set out. These include not waking the cats, to not pick them up, and introducing yourself before stroking them.

The Lincoln Tab has visited Coffee Cats Lincoln before, and there is a reason we keep going back!

The West Common

If you prefer different kinds of animals, the West Common is home to an array of horses. It is the perfect place for those summer night walks and boasts the most gorgeous sunset.

However, do not feed the horses. You are likely unaware of their diet and it isn’t safe to feed them just anything. So, enjoy the horses but be careful when doing so.

The Brayford and Foss Bank

If you’re a fan of swans, ducks and geese, and who are you kidding you obviously are if you go to Lincoln, you will know exactly what is coming up next.

Lincoln is home to numerous swans and geese who many of us see day in and day out walking to uni and into town, and it is always the best sight to see.

The cutest

Daisy Made Farm

If you and your friends have a car and are fans of farmyard animals and the best ice cream in Lincoln, pop over to Daisy Made Farm when they reopen on July 13th.

It’s situated in Skellingthorpe, just outside the city of Lincoln. Daisy Made is home to pygmy goats, alpacas, rabbits, and guinea pigs. They said: “If you keep an eye out, you may even spot Daisy and all 90 of her friends wandering in the field alongside the shop.”

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